Monday, April 17, 2006

I. Cheese?

well are Nids?
Don't know. Erwin had a lot of bad luck. He DID gain 1st turn, but he remembered that we had to throw for Alpha, Gamma or Omega. He threw Omega..but I convinced him quickly to re-throw because Omega sucks. Gamma it was. I threw a 1 for Dusk & Dawn. That seriously plagued Erwin's first turn. Mine just a bit with a sore eyed venom tyrant.

Cleanse. Gaunts were able to run up fast. 1 Ravener too. Got a lot of shots at my but. Took out a thrope, a beloved ravener and in the running of the game almost all my warriors got shot away before doing anything but keep synapse for a short while.
Tyrant + guard: got shot away. Only thing this 264pt unit did was take out a speeder and keep synapse. My flying tyrant had to be forced to kill a unit by taking lots of turns to take out units, even with the help of stealers. The Stealers did a good job. The carapace weren't worth their points..but I guess they could've been worthwhile. Single thrope that was left: great synapse pole. Kept my gaunts ready to tickle marines for eternity. The spinegaunts were being shredded far too slowly by the dread. A bit of a sad tactic, but it kept the dread out of the game. Flyrant swapped up the game together with the stealers. Hormagaunts munched slower, but did their job. Game won.

Hindsight: was it cheese? I don't know. Cleanse always makes running up an almost sure T1 assault which is real nasty. Didn't get a pounding in T1 by fire. I should've deserved it..but dawn prevented it. Flyrant is far too nasty if he doesn't get stopped early on. But 209pts is freaking much in my eyes, and he was acting like a demented elder person trying to drink his cup of tea. Could've been far more nasty.
Marines tip: deployment could have been better if at least one devestator sq had been put farther back. That way I couldn't have bunny hopped as easily.
Cheese, I? Still don't know. Tau got me pretty bad last time. IG's up tomorrow..time will tell.


Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

First off, when did 'Thropes do stuff for Synapse? For some reason, in this latest version of the rules im under the impression that 'Thropes do squat all for Synapse.

Nevermind.. I just read the codex, it CAN be a synapse creature if the 'power' is bought for it. So yeah.. ignoring that part completely now... v.v

I wouldnt say the 'Nids are cheese, and after reading this last BR, your 'Nid fatality count wasnt exactly small to say the least. Sounded like things got a lil dicey, with Synapse being threatened several times. Sure, you have some vital units (Eg: Flyrant, 'Stealers) i wouldnt say the army was cheese as it still took its losses and still took time to munch through the army. However, i would say the scenario probably favoured the 'Nids with the Turn 1 dawn/night fight rules.

I agree that the 'Flyrant' is quite costly for 209 pts (despite it being able to get the job done), it is a giant points sink for one model (after seeing the random lists of Chaos Daemon Princes, it will be a LONG day when i make a single model over 200 pts).

The one thing to consider against 'nids is tactics. Initial Deployment is so crucial it isnt funny, heck, you might as well get every heavy weapon that shoots alot on the table and dont move a muscle. Its probably foolishness to think the 'Nids can be stopped by fire suppression alone, so there is no doubt that they will MAKE it to the end of the board, its just a matter of how well you deploy on that board. Units tightly bunched together will do you NO favors, as is too far back (too many losses from shooting and there goes your unit walking off the board edge). One potential way of going about it is, semi far back units, but spread out, with sufficient heavy weapons and what not (heavy weapons of the heavy bolter/missile launcher kind). Assaults can be a pain if enemy units can bunny hop from one unit to another, so with spread out units, it may seem you are covering alot of ground, but in truth you are minimizing the leap frog assault effect. Thus, its a case of extend yourself wide, but dont go too "deep" Ie too far away from the board edge. This is a better set up than minimal width and further forward expansion as you arent using the space to your advantage and clearly shrinking the dead man land between the 'Nids and the enemy....

Anyway... tactical analysis aside...

Good luck with the Guard :)


17 April 2006 at 13:34  
Anonymous Arjan said...

well ..I teamed up with Death Guard and fought against IG & SM.

We lost. But we did manage to hold 1 of 4 counters ..and were close to a 2nd one (out of 4).

DG was SLOOOOW. So I got shot by 2000pts of heavy fire. Which wasn't funny. I could have deployed a bit better...but well I had to do something.

My flyrant was a pointsink this time getting shot by like every nid hating unit on the board.
Next to that we had a board that was 6x5 ft. So I had to walk for ages before hitting assault. Almost everything got shot away..because I had to move in the open for too long.

Hindsight: - deployment could've been better
- DG not infiltrating..makes for a bad ally the first 3 turns.
- 5ft!
- 2000pts going after me..instead of after 2 armies.
- Maybe I could have used 194 points better than as a Tyrant because I got all the shots on me..but that's just hindsight talk.
If it had hit assault it would have done DAMAGE!! (but it didn't)

17 April 2006 at 19:18  
Blogger Erwin said...

first game: Yes deployment killed me in the end. and TAS he was sure to win by the time he had his Flyrant in CC. The rest of his army might have been gunned down (mostly by an expert shot dread, ie: 3 rending in four shots), but his flyrant en stealers could hop from squad to squad and slowly nibble away all I had.

Next time I'll deploy in a solid refused flank formation in the corner building. Crappy hills just look so cool as a firebase.

anyway the second game was more or less decided by the placement of three of the objectives and the crappy placement of stealers and DG.
MAN Iron Lion is a slow pain in the ass pussy bitch! He's always saying he losses almost nothing in Gerard's fireline, but when push comes to shove he chicken's out.
Good thing my dread, assault squad and commander got their CC bearing's right!

Next I'll get them assault flamers en scout snipers doen for the nest battle and I'm pimping my rhino with extra armor and plasticard Icons (I'll post some icon art on my blog, I decided on a chapter name last week)

18 April 2006 at 16:26  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Heh Nids and DG, sounds like a very unusual team up for sure, esp since DG arent exactly "fast".

Although if the DG infiltrated, couldnt you have ran your broods and what not behind his guys to soak up the enemy fire since they do have a better T and Sv. But yeah, IG + Marines = pain for most armies. Its a pretty damn good team up.


19 April 2006 at 11:30  
Anonymous Arjan said...

yes I would have. Let them soak up some fire for once ^^.

But Erwin forgets to mention that his wonderfull dreadnought was kept busy (after being irritatingly rending) with 15 spinegaunts all game!!!
Yay for synapse.

20 April 2006 at 15:56  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

When 15 Spinegaunts cant take down a Dreadnought, it really does make you wonder how "realistic" the games mechanics are at times... Then again, if movie marines was any indication, maybe its a good thing...


20 April 2006 at 16:14  
Blogger Arjan said...

erm..well they are really not that strong.

It's like knocking on a tank. It's irritating, not damaging.

20 April 2006 at 23:51  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

True.. but when you have 15 lil spinegaunts running around over a dreadnought, you would think it would start to drag it down eventually.. Gah, lack of game mechanics >.<

Oh well.. But it was a worthy sacrifice, to keep a dreadnought busy for most of a game and its not like they were EXPENSIVE or anything which is good.


21 April 2006 at 13:17  

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