Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fun & Time

I think those are the words to describe today.
We had a little tournament today. 1000pts. Scenario: just throw a dice or do whatever you like and fight. Those were the guidelines.

I started the day by getting up at 6am to get some outdoor training (ninjitsu). Left at 10..biked acros town, showered, biked across town. Tourney!

Some familiar faces, some new faces.
My first battle was against a former German guy called Mario. Very cool guy who just wanted to have a fun game, so we had one.
Imperial guard with some FW tanks and a leman russ. And a bunch of heavy bolter guys.
My genestealers got shot to bits leaving only one. And I think I might have lost a gaunt or 3 on turn one. Next turn I hit his ranks, a Ravener made it to one of his tanks but did nothing. My tyrant swept a sq of guards away and so did one of my hormagaunt sq's. The other sq just did a lot of damage. Oh and my tyrant made a 6+ inv save: YAY.

At the end of turn 2!!! the closing sign was given so we had to stop. Far too soon ofcourse, but they only gave us 1 hour (incl moving from table to table and setting up). I won with a solid victory.

2nd game: after asking a judge for another opponent the first round (when I was at first matched against the Iron Warriors of Albert) I now did have to fight him.
Iron warriors..a bit of a nemises maybe. But after 2 turns it ended in a draw, with him having only 20pts more than me. His predator annihilator shot at a Ravener (it could have shot at my tyrant!) but anyways it missed. And in return I demolished it.
I think almost all my warriors were killed. I killed his HQ and his entire assault sq by throwing in a lot of rending sqs.
Result at end of turn 2 (yes I mention it again): draw.

3rd game: I humongous lack of terrain. Facing marines with a whopping 411pt command sq (in 1000pt!!).
I had first turn: ran up. My stealers got shot at and the rest of the shooting against me sucked a bit. Half a warrior sq got shot away and my tyrant managed to irritate the hell out of my opponent by making 2! inv saves against lasscannons...oh and failing a boltersave (1 wound).
I assaulted stuff, but we didn't get past half the rolling when the judges called time. We decided it should be a draw because we just didn't have time to get the game really started. I would have had a turn more if I would have finished rolling, if we would have counted things after T1..things would have been really unbalanced towards me. So : draw.
I think I would have won this one though, given the full set of turns.

In the end: well there was far too less time to get your game played, but I well the judges had to abide by the time that was given so I don't blame them.
We had a lot of fun. I maybe didn't win anything, but I think I would have made a good chance for at least 2 and maybe even 3 victories.

Read about Erwin's fights on his blog he did quite well too IIRC.
Biked across town some more and now I'm LE TIRED!!! *grabs a beer and some food*.


Blogger Erwin said...

lol, Maybe we can pull some lines for Noorderspel in stead of you actually being the tourney man yourself. That way we get our two days, two hours per game and those standard 6 mission scenarios on gamma level.

14 August 2006 at 00:26  
Anonymous Arjan said...

yesss I need more turns :D

14 August 2006 at 12:36  
Blogger lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

glad to see yall had a great time :)

the last tourney i was in... was an online game.. one thats not even worth mentioning even though i won.. bah.

15 August 2006 at 16:22  

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