Monday, July 24, 2006

Another non-40K update I guess..

So we went to Pirates of the Caribean 2. As Erwin said, the story wasn't all that, but I didn't expect it so no loss there ;).
I did like the action part. And the sea-mutant pirates were VERY cool! And the Kraken or Krahkken (to be a bit phonetic..because the pirates were discussing the pronunciation) was also very very cool.
It served the name Kraken very well. Why am I rambling on about the Kraken? Well because my Tyranid fleet is a tendril fleet of the infamous Kraken fleet :D Just to keep the post a bit 40k-ish.

So all in all I did think the movie was worthwhile because sometimes I just like plain action movies which are even if the story itself isn't worth an oscar cool to watch. And yes..I need to watch PotC 3 just to know what will happen. A bit sad was that I already knew there would be a 3rd part so the end of part 2 wasn't that big of a secret.
Almost forgot!!!!: the movie was very funny.
Downside: it was hot thursday, and so it was hot in the cinema, and it was it was even hotter. And some dumb fuck decided to (someone in the row in front of us) wear a hoody..WTF!!!! do you know how hot it is!!!

In other news: some asshole broke into our shed last night stealing the bike of one of my housemates. Luckily my bike was still there..but it still sucks. So we paid a short visit to the police station. Those thieves'd better not steal my ghetto-bike cause I'm completely lost without a bike.

I'll make a 40K post soon. With 1000pt lists which I should have somewhere scattered on my pc. Don't have my codex at hand untill next weekend so if I make a new list it will have to go by heart.


Blogger Erwin said...

ooh boy, well.... you know what I think of PotC2.

As for the rest. They should spank that burgler silly, make him where a pink tutu and force him to dance in front of a thousand drunk German ex-rapists wearing lederhosen, who incidentally, after having consumed too much "Warsteiner und bradwurst", mistake him for there fat girlfriends who are probably named Helga or Ulli.

you get the point

24 July 2006 at 15:46  
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24 July 2006 at 15:50  

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