Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Short battlerep.

Had a 1000pts face off against Erwin's Marines in a mission (darnit can't remember the stupid name) where you have to end in the opponents deployment zone.

I was able to choose a table side AND won first turn rolling. So that made one happy me. I used the list below (see last post).

The marines did the whole 'denied flank' tactic thingie, which I kinda expected. I could deploy everything to the left which made keeping synapse easier.
I boosted my hormagaunts (one group with S4, one group with WS5) but it didn't do that much eventually because too many gaunts got shot up.
My hormy's ran up, stealers and ravener hugged cover, warriors hugged the edge of a 4+ cover building. Tyrant flew a bit more forward, cowering behind a size 3 building.

Then almost every Marine (if not every single one) decided it was time for bugspray. When the smoke cleared, 2 WS5 gaunts were standing and 7 S4 gaunts. So..that kinda sucked because I didn't know if that would be enough to hold out if my warriors couldn't make assault. Thankfully they did. 6 leaping warriors ran into a tactical sq, stealers ran into another tactical (so did the hormy's), tyrant clashed with a dreadnaught.
The 2 gaunts did nothing, but they DID make the single 6+ saving throw I needed to take. The warriors killed some marines, but weren't exactly awesome for a first turn 24 rending attacks at S5. Tyrant mashed the dread although I was forced to re-roll because of the extra armour (IIRC). Stealers kicked ass! They really ran through the tactical sq. Although a part of bad luck was included (marines failing their Ld9).

Marines couldn't shoot too much, cause most of the stuff was in CC. Scouts shot at my tyrant and assaulted him (powerfists can be evil). I only killed 2! but the powerfist did only 1 wound. They fell back (failing their LD). I was able to assault next turn, kill another 3 and wipe them (again LD checking wasn't on Erwin's side).
In the meanwhile the stealers ran through a captain (well..with 7 stealers that wasn't a big surprise). Consolidating and moving into the devestator sq. The stealers didn't have any problem with them (stealers are NASTY).

Warriors were done eating marines (LD thing again..wiping). 3 ran upto one speeder, 3 upto the other. One down, 1 still flew. With nothing left but 1 speeder the game was pretty much done.
The nids were on the other side (have to make up an objective for that one I guess).

Hindsight: darn..my gaunts got shot up, and it could have been worse.
Gaining first turn somehow looks like a must..
If I wouldn't have won 1st turn roll, the gaunts would have been wiped, and some other stuff would probably have suffered..although maybe not all would have been lost. I'm still indecisive if I could have used my flyrant as an attention whore taking up some shots (with a good surviving chance).

Marines downfall: not winning first turn roll AND rolling misserably on the LD tests. Shooting wasn't optimal, but is anything ever optimal. My tyrant didn't exactly roll upto stats as well, did his job though.

About the list: cancelling boosted gaunts (back to normal). Throwing in another stealer and another raverer. The Ravener didn't see much battle (well he saw, but didn't do anything). If there would have been anything left to chew, it could have been nice.

Darn all in all a long post again (sorry). Oh btw watch out: I'm going to burn rubber on the road next week (almost done with the simulator car).


Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Well aside from the "bugspray" it seems you managed to get back on track without too many issues (mainly cos Erwin sucks at Ld). However, he DID use the Denied flank this time around, but damn, i swear those 'Stealers kept leaping and leaping into each squad one by one by one.

I agree that "de-evolving" some of the broods to more basic broods sounds right, especially given the losses you took to the 'spray.

This will also do ME well as ill know not to go to heavy on biomorphs for broods since my army will be pure HtH.

Overall sounds like a good BR :D


1 August 2006 at 23:31  
Anonymous Arjan said...

well I might use a biomorphed sq in a 1500 or more army. But in 1000pts it's just not worth it.

Although my warriors are pumped up on biomorphs. It's that they can't have them anymore..or they might even have implant attack :P

1 August 2006 at 23:41  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Well Warriors i can understand (they kinda NEED the Biomorphs). I'll keep in mind in low point games to have Broods rather 'standard' like so i can fit more broods in etc etc.


2 August 2006 at 19:05  

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