Monday, August 07, 2006

Nids vs IW (piccies included..some)

So I had a 40K weekend.
3 battles on saturday at 1000 pts. And two more on sunday, 1000 pts and a final one at 1500pts.

Results from saturday: 2-1 for the Iron Warriors. I guess it was a revenge for the last time I faced them (and won 2-0).
The first two games, the dice looked kinda rigged. My tyrant got only 2 wounds for which there can be no shame (an ap2 blast weapon and a twin lightening wound). The others were either boltershots (and there weren't that many!) or close combat attacks by the marines that I turned my back on because I found it more necessary to kill the lieutenant with his lightening claws (which I did though). But turn your back on a marine and he'll stick a bolter (without shooting) up your behind. Meh..the tyrant died because of really stupid wounds. It didn't even have to make lots of saves :S
Next to that, one of the games 3 warriors had the biggest trouble killing 6 marines (which shouldn't be that much trouble) while in the same time a single genestealer managed to first stun and a turn later destroy a basilisk, I can't recall if it killed anything else..but I think it managed to attack and kill a couple of other marines too. The 2nd game wasn't lost that bad, but lost nonetheless. Had fun though!

Third game, I won blowing up tanks everywhere I went. In doing this I kinda blew up some of my own beasties too, but that's the price of making things explode in your face ;) The tyrant wasn't killed fast enough and wiped the floor with a Chaos lord and 2-3 squads (helped with 2, wiped one on his own).
The only sq above half strenght were my stealers though.
The Iron Warrior changed his list everytime because he was practicing/perfecting his list for the oncoming tourney (the whole point of the 40K weekend next to a lot of fun).

Sunday: I watched a friends nids getting shot up. But well, the list wasn't balanced enough, and deepstriking raveners might not be such a good idea ;) Although the broodlord wreaked havoc.

Played another 1000pts game, which I lost but barely. My tyrant blew up a tank giving him a 3rd wound and the IW only needed to shoot him once with an ap2 weapon from a vindicator killing the tyrant. 2 genestealers, 1 or two warriors and a ravener weren't in a rending mood and decided to stroke rather than rip the tank. A whole lot of attacks, but no rending. It should have (blabla) gone down. But it was left unharmed. The vindicator was the only IW thing left. I only had 1 or 2 stealers and a warrior or two.

1500 pts. We decided to close the weekend by playing a 1500pts for which I needed to use the other guy's Nids. But because I thought playing the CC only theme, I didn't use the zoanthropes (2), biovores or shooting tyrant that could have won me the game. I used a Broodlord & 5 stealers, 3 raveners and another 7 stealers.
Didn't get first turn (damnit). The IW had A LOT of firepower. 3 Heavy support (basilisk, pred annihilator, havoc with 4 autocannons) and of course 3 obliterators. The first two turns I got shot to pieces but after that the tide seemed to turn a bit. Things arrived and started killing. But there wasn't enough left to make the IW pay for shooting at me. A tyrant with only 1 wound left (he had to fly into the open for 1 turn, drawing heavy fire alas) wiped an assault sq. Sadly..because otherwise he might have blown up the predator tank. The broodlord and his stealers did a good job at first, wiping a sq and killing half of another sq. But after that I think he got a spasmic seizure (I hope I don't offend anyone, not intended at least). He was able to miss or fail to wound every attack for 2 turns and get wounded by throwing ones twice. Being the only thing left we decided the IW would shoot everything at him and only then start resolving the to-wound thingies. He failed 2 4+ saves which were almost enough to save him. Glorious death for the stupid fuck he was in the end ;)

We had A LOT of fun. So losing a bit, due to not enough prayers to the dice gods and a lot of firepower isn't that bad. Didn't lose every game. Didn't lose every game as bad. The 2nd loss on saturday might even have been a draw (I think it is, checking VP's).


Sö: 1000pts: 1 win, 1 draw, 2 losses.
1500pt: 1 loss.


Blogger Erwin said...

good to know that there is still something that stops the great devourer, even if they are those thrice-damned Iron Warriors, may their weapon mounts be cursed, may their sword arms be crippled!

7 August 2006 at 15:45  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

may their batteries just run out and their metallic composition just rust :P

Not too bad on the BRs, shame the IWs wanted to kick the Hiveminds backside a bit.

Overall well played!


7 August 2006 at 17:28  
Anonymous Arjan said...

yes that they may 'rust in piece'

Aw well..he needed the revenge..last time was a 2-0 for me :D

8 August 2006 at 09:55  
Blogger Deepak Gopi said...

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8 August 2006 at 10:09  

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