Monday, September 04, 2006

Booya grouppressure!

For a week the Tyranid community cried and cried about losing immunity to instant death against weapons of s9 or s10. Images flashed of S9/10 ordnance pounding your tactics in one single shot arose.
Thropes would be shot away with one lasscannon shot. People even started selling their thropes and warriors for ultra low prices on e-bay and comparable sites. They changed their armylists. After a couple of days people kinda accepted this 'change'in fact. People were wondering if they might have interpreted the codex in a wrong way and it was always stated like S9/10 would be beyond the power of synapse. In all honesty I was a bit furious for a couple of hours and then accepted the faq. Didn't play a game since then though (not for a special reason).

But NOW!!!! They updated the faq. Nids ARE immune to s9/10 instadeath. And they even gave us immunity to Wraith cannons (and other weapons without a S value..).
But even in the tyranid community people think this last gift is a bit too much. Because it looks like we gained immunity to a weapon that struck fear into all nids.
I'll have to re-read the statement for forceweapons (checking the SM codex?) but I might still allow those weapons to instakill me. It's a good compromise.

I think this is the VERY first time that GW has succombed to pressure. Fearing sales of warriors/thropes and raveners. There are plenty of weapons left to kill off my synapse or in-synapse creatures. I would be interested to see the price statistics of GW for the week after the 'hated' faq. I also know some people who are laughing out loud because they just bought super cheap stuff from e-bay after which those critters returned stronger than ever!

How's that for evolution. I guess the nids just evolved in a weeks time :p


Q. If a Tyranid creature in synapse range is wounded by
a weapon with a Strength of more than double their
Toughness, do they suffer Instant Death or do they
suffer only one wound?

A. They suffer only one wound. The book is wrong, and
the second bullet point of the Synapse Creatures rules
should read:

"Tyranids within Synapse range as described above
(including the Synapse Creature itself) are not
affected by the Instant Death rule. Note that this
does not apply to Ripper Swarms."

Q. Following the previous answer, what happens if a
Tyranid in synapse range suffers Instant Death from a
weapon that does not have a Strength value, like a

A. As they are immune to Instant Death, they only suffer 1 Wound and are not instantly killed.


Blogger Erwin said...

what complete bullcrap!
I mean, the lascannons and demolisher shells I couldn't care less ( hardly use them). But wraithcannons use frikkin WARP FUCKING RIFTS! i eman shit gets SUCKED IN. not just chunks of you. YOU get sucked in. That's the biggest bullcrap I've heard. GW is weak and pussylike in nature, but this? The've gone from nerfing warriors/thropes/raveners a tad to beefing them some more.


they need to stay away from the coffee!

5 September 2006 at 19:47  
Blogger Arjan said...

hmmm I guess nowadays just limbs get sucked into the warp.
It's evolution maaaaaaaynee!

It's like this: warp sucky weapon: aaaargh *evolutionary arm-snap* well now we can just run on :D
hmm like I said, a bit over the top. Same goes for forceweapons.

I don't really need immunity for those special weapons, fear is healthy sometimes.

6 September 2006 at 00:04  

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