Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yeah! Beat France 4-1. And as prognosed, beat Romania 2-0.
Now it's waiting to see who we got to beat next saturday to see those damn Italians again (no offence..).
So..there's two sides to beating the Italians twice. 1: It's good, because then we go on to the finals. 2: it's bad..I'm going to Rome on the 7th of July..and those Italians really are gonna hate the Dutch if they beat them twice.

40k stuff...23 days left till 5th edition rules. We'll see...

And just to scare you..a fairly drunk picture of me with the So-Sjaal (so-scarf...coming from social..because you can zip more of these scarfs together).:

*pfft this is the ....time that I needed to edit spelling mistakes..I guess I should post when I'm less tired.


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