Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Korrewegbrug (Korreweg-bridge)

Biking towards training we had to cross the Korrewegbrug, as it was open (for a boat) we had to take the high pathways for bikers and people on foot so weren't held up. Looking to the left I saw this:


Took out my phone, snapped this one and went on my way.


Blogger lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

wow... that is nice. great job!

5 June 2008 at 12:41  
Blogger Arjan said...

thanks :)

7 June 2008 at 13:20  
Blogger Megan said...

Awesome. What a lucky shot.

9 June 2008 at 20:02  
Blogger Rol said...

Wow. Beautiful.

13 June 2008 at 14:28  
Blogger Maarten Jalink said...


14 June 2008 at 22:41  

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