Friday, June 10, 2011

Carnifex #2

Well, it's the 2nd 5th ed Carnifex. Otherwise I could argue it's the 3rd or even the 4th Carnifex I've built (including Old One Eye).
This carnifex is a pure close combat beast, which can hold its own with 5x I4 attacks with fraggrenades on the charge.
But enough with the 40K rambling. On to the photo's. *click to enlarge*

Lower body
5th ed Carnifex

It has it's own plastic pin which you would use as an extra bond next to glueing. For transport purposes, I just put the upperbody loosely on top of it which works well enough.

Upperbody and magnetized head + shoulderblades.
5th ed Carnifex

Right side
5th ed Carnifex

Left side
5th ed Carnifex

Front side
5th ed Carnifex

Charge! Just thought this portrayed the enemies view nicely.
5th ed Carnifex

A Ripper on the base used to add something ruleswise, now it just looks fun and I still have the odd 30 or so lying around.
5th ed Carnifex

The model was finished about 2 days before I came up with the idea for the base. It's standing on a 'Give the squiddies no quarter' Imperial Guard note.
5th ed Carnifex

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Blogger Dan said...

Impressive painting as always man.

10 June 2011 at 11:33  
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