Thursday, June 02, 2005


HA! I bought it. Which means I'll be living on water and bread. Oh wait thankfully I've been saving this money for about a year. The stealers are nice. No longer do I have to mind about how I put the arms, the positioning has become far easier. The models are far more detailed. The battleforce also included the HUGE! Carnifex. The talons on the new monstrous sprue are bigger than the old ones, but the Fex ones are even bigger. The base is bigger than the old carni base. I can't stop talking about it because it's just this big! If this thing can't flip over a tank, I don't know what can.

Also bought the WD 306 with a nice battlerep tyranids facing IG. The tyranid made a couple mistakes: 1 not taking carapace for his monstrous creatures, if he had they would have survived even longer. 2 Charging an almost dead carni into a librarian with a forceweapon and a lot of other nasty stuff. For the rest it was quite nice, even more because he won, of course he won...did you really think they'd let the new nids lose in the first battlerep - nah don't think so either. I also had a look through the new codex (not for sale yet). Some things have become more expensive, some things have become cheaper. But they didn't get the powerboost that the marines got. But I will manage with a nice carni. As long as I throw a couple of 6s for regenerating everything will be allright. I already long for the moment when an almost dead carni returns 4 of his 5 wounds ^^.

To add a bit of a rant...: I've been far to busy with one subject of my study...sticking to the computer all day isn't good.


Anonymous erwin said...

Does that mean it's a WWB on a six? phew, I was kinda peeing it if it was a 4+......

anyhoo, I'd really like to see that stuff next week boyo!

3 June 2005 at 16:32  
Anonymous Arjan said...

Did I say 6s? nah..of course it's a 4 to regen. *hides codex release date* No if it was on a 4+ every none nid player would be screaming Cheese and keep on whining till they grow beards if you catch my drift.'ll see it tonight. Saves me dragging the box next week.

3 June 2005 at 17:25  

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