Monday, June 13, 2005

Short update

I started painting up my Carnifex. That is spraying white undercoat and later on adding black undercoat to the carapace of the torso. Put the torso together. That's it for now.


Anonymous Erwin said...

Im even scared, just the torso (no tale/head/legs nothing) is big as hell!

13 June 2005 at 20:57  
Anonymous Rolf said...

The Carnifex is as big as a tank, literaly.

I'm looking forward to see it on the battle field.

14 June 2005 at 19:05  
Anonymous Arjan said...

just untill it hits your ranks.

14 June 2005 at 21:54  
Anonymous erwin said...

Tank? oooh, you mean my ..... wait they'll be sure to steer clear of that bugger and way behind my termies/deathwatch ... *BAM! snaps out of dream*

Good thing I haven't really used tanks for quite some time, eh?

15 June 2005 at 15:14  

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