Friday, June 17, 2005

2 things that made my day

1 Erwin(chech his blog) notifying me on the war between and the author of Pvp / Penny Arcade.
The outcome: CAD rules, the author of pvp/pa is a big arrogant bastard who is a sore loser.

2 I was watching foamy ( - go check it you infidels!) this morning...made me laugh a great deal. Especially the Germaine stalker dude. I almost forgot about it untill I saw foamy listed in my fav's again and decided to check it again (I mean who can understand Pilzy the first time). The stalker dude was talking about a website with nude pics of Germaine. If you have watched foamy for a while, you know this is a topic that keeps coming back in the so called fanmail and Foamy and Germaine both rant about it - IT WON'T HAPPEN! But the stalking dude proclaims he has a website . So as the bored mofo that I am at 11pm ...I decide to, just for the fun of it, check if this url really exists. Whaddayaknow...I almost fell from my chair laughing when I found out that the makers of Foamy really made this website. Go check it out you horny know you want to.

Alas (or thank god) nude pics of Germaine :P But it is funny though.

Ok I've been plugging just to many websites today. Off to bed...after I check how people took my CAD promotion tour on the pvp/pa boards ^^


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