Thursday, January 12, 2006

New list try-out

So I took up the codex again and figured out a way to introduce the WIP Broodlord and maybe even zoanthropes and a VC carni to my game.

It came out like this:

HQ: Flying Tyrant (like before)WS 6, S6, IA, Wings, Warpfield, 2x talons @ 194
--> fast and it can hold it's own against almost anything for a while.

HQ: Broodlord (with carapace & fleshhooks) + 6 genestealers all with fleshhooks (incl. broodlord) @ 185
--> just wanted to try this. The fleshhooks are because this sq will most likely have to attack sqs also infiltrated which will be in cover.

16 hormagaunts = 160 -> run and hit assault fast
15 hormagaunts = 150 -> run and hit assault fast
10 Fleshborergaunts Without Nr = 90 (don't know if it's usefull..but gotta try to irritate the enemy)---> interchangeble (sp) with 18 spinegaunts..(I miscalced and this is a last minute solution) -> I really want to use WO sometime and see if it's worth it. Otherwise just for psychological effect or to piss him/her off.

3x Leaping warriors tooled up (WS,S,I,Fleshhooks,Talons,RC,carapace) @135
3x leaping warrios: same @135 ---> they've proved themselves @ synapse is always nice
1x Lictor @ 80 -> hope it conveys the preferred enemy. Not planned at first..

1x Ravener with Rending + Talons = 40
1x Ravener with Rending + Talons = 40 --> gaunts speed, 2 wounds, rending, low profile

2 Zoanthropes with Wblast + synapse @ 130 (keeps them from being instafragged)
--> with 2 of em..I hope at least one of em hits anything. Either S10 or S5 either would be very nice.
1 Carnifex with Venom Canon + Talons upgr: enh sens, carapace @ 161 --> long range pounding..I hope.

I think this should be able to bust tanks: 2x wblast, 1 venom canon @ S10 a flying tyrant and quite some rending stuff, but also be able to take on more sqs using the gaunts, weakening sqs with some heavy fire wblast ap3 for instance assisted by the raveners and warriors. The lictor wasn't planned at first..It should've been the the spinegaunts AND the WO gaunts..but I came 10pts short. The lictor can't hold it's own for too long but if it comes on the right can be a very nice addition and a fear factor.
Comments, ideas, hatemail...bring it.


Anonymous Arjan said...

forgot to tell: broodlord has carapace already included in the points.

12 January 2006 at 22:06  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

First off... I see how in Arjan's world, you can have 310 Hormagaunts for only 310 points.. NICE!! Talk about swarm... Man, with those numbers, you cant possibly lose!! Is this like a Movie Style version of the Tyranids? :P Heh, even MORE comical than the Flehborers!!

Anyway.. Onward to the list...

Tyrant: Looks fine. Cant really suggest anything, although didnt you tell me Warp Field was a waste? :P Nonetheless, it looks quite handy, plus its nice to be able to take a random save against power weapons.

Broodlord: Not too bad, i think this squad will work well for you. Plus, the Broodlord is fairly cheap, and gives you the added Synapse range etc for any incoming broods.

Hormagaunts: Not bad.. 310 hormagaunts in 1500 points.. Im REALLY impressed :P Should do you find, plus being in those HIGH numbers, what force could possibly stop you? You might as well just keep the rest of your army in reserves and rely on them :P

Fleshgaunts aka Flehgaunts: Look good. It should definitely irritate the enemy for sure, and the Fleshborer has some ok S and rules for it. Not a bad idea to interchange them with the 18 spinegaunts either, both should do you well, although the 18 spinegaunts obviously gives you more numbers. Plus, it would be nice to see if WO is actually useful. Im some what 50/50 about it, as by the time you get to recycle the brood, most of your synapse creatures are off on the other end of the board.

Warriors: Great, fine, nothing wrong there.

Lictor: A lil concerned for it, I know it has its strengths, but a single Lictor concerns me. Although the preferred enemy is also quite useful, but will be a fairly easy to take out. Id almost say, go for the numbers and take the Spinegaunts.

Raveners: Good for me, additional support for gaunts and fairly cheap for what they can do.

Zoanthropes: Lookin ok, although Id never use them. Keep them near the rear, esp if you use WO to overlay some syanpse for returning broods. Plus, with Warp Blast, its probably best to keep them to the rear, although expect them to become priority targets once you blow up a tank... Most folk tend to crap themselves at that stage, allowing more freedom for other units.

Carnifex: He'll be fine lol.

Otherwise, the list looks pretty good, with the only thing that i thought might be of concern is the Lictor. Alas, the fear factor does help, and will probably allow for more cover of your other units while the enemy try to deal with the Lictor (and most likely die trying).


12 January 2006 at 22:27  
Blogger Arjan said...

tss LIES hehe long live the edit button.

13 January 2006 at 14:24  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Doesnt matter, I told Rico about it anyway :P


13 January 2006 at 15:38  
Blogger Erwin said...

one thing: Yopu know a single Lictor gets asswooped by Tau, man!

As for the without numbers, TAS. AB either runs them back into the fray or lets them "fall back" to all the synaps goodness already in the fray.

The only thing I would bring up against this is at least one Librarian with familiar (teehee instakill with I6) some assault termies with thunder hammers, the occasional powerfisting sarge and LOTS of missile launchers.......
and don't forget a whirlwind... no wait that'll get nubbed first by the BL... hmmmmmm scouts.... two full squads of CC scouts..... possiblye with a powerweapon or fist Oh and OF COURSE! a decent assault squad with two flamers and Furious assault...

Now all I gotta do is put that in.. what? 1500 points? nooooo problem *cough cough*

I think I'll start buying some more scouts and CC termies now.

13 January 2006 at 18:10  
Anonymous Arjan said...

knowing your budget..I feel kinda safe heheheheheheheheh

13 January 2006 at 18:48  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

The only bad thing about taking so many powerfists is that by the time you are able to strike back, half the squad is already dead.... Although the PFs are useful against the larger, more tougher creatures, bring PF after PF for the smaller broods is probably a waste, as you are giving them more of an I advantage.

Nonetheless, alot of MLs and the Whirlie will definitely help out, although given that Nid weaponry is still effective against tanks, id be inclined to say go mobile infantry. The more bodies and bolters you have to work with, the better. Sure it SEEMS weird, but when you have a 125 odd point tank go boom, you know things are going well...


13 January 2006 at 18:54  
Blogger Erwin said...

Indeed, arjan ones managed to pop my predator on turn one WITH A FRIGGIN S8 VENOM CANNON... ON THE FRONT ARMOR!

As for the PF's you're right. But I think the scouts would not be carrying them. The ML's, libbie and termies should be enough for the TMC's.

14 January 2006 at 14:14  
Anonymous Arjan said...

hmmm I'ma take a note of that.

*Mental note to self: do NOT assault terminators with pf's with only a MC*
Well that just means I gotta kill em all in turn 1 ^^ Just so he can't swing thunderhammers and the like.
I HATE thunderhammers.
And about the predator..tss yeah so..I once managed to shoot a Monolith down with it mwuahahhahah. And well the tank deserved it..threatening to shoot up my nice pets.

Well now..Rico just has to believe you then because out of principal he doesn't check blogs ^^

14 January 2006 at 14:31  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Heh, I personally wouldnt assault anything with a thunder hammer... Heh, suddenly I want Mix n Match DW Termies again... The TH oddly enough, IS actually useful... Mix it in with a few Lightning Claws.. and Wow... In theory you COULD make someone pee their pants....

I personally would NOT take tanks against Nids, then again in saying that i shouldnt take one against any army, but that isnt the point.. Hrmm... I think Ill just forget that entire point now...


14 January 2006 at 20:19  
Blogger Erwin said...

Actually a Pred destructor can do some serious damage amonst the lesser heavy nids (from gaunt to warrior) without soaking up too much points.

As for TMC busting, vehicles suck...

15 January 2006 at 14:22  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

The Preds can be handy for sure, especially to the NON-TMC stuff. The Autocannon can punch a few holes through the Warriors, and the side sponsons can really give it to the lil broods. So overall, it aint a bad tank, its just the things with the high S weapons that get to me.

But oh well, nothing some terrain wont fix up and a good ole balanced army.


15 January 2006 at 19:15  
Blogger Tobias said...

Oi, weedy bug-eyez! Just ain´t propa´! ;)

I always forget to pop in here and have a look... I´ll try to remember it more often since I´ve received some really helpful comments in my Blog from you. :)

The list looks good. I have only faced Bu... Tyranids! Never played them, but I´ve *always* had Tyranid opponents around me so they´re old adversaries to me.

I would give the big Lobster an Iron Gob, er wait, they can´t have those, eh..? Ok. *re-boots*

The Hive Tyrant looks good. Expensive, but good. That extra protection and hitting power is probably worth it. (My ded´ard and propa´ Nobz really hates Implant Attack!).

I haven´t faced the Beardlord but have heard he´s nasty. Will *only* six ´stealers be enough though..? Since they can´t Fleet, I guess you might not reach close combat that fast, thus eating more flak, eh..? And you did have Extended Carapace, right?

The Troops also looks good. Will be interesting to hear about the Krills with Without Number. Theoretically, it seems it´s not always worth it but it seems fun.

The Warriors are fine. I face a similar Brood quite often and they can be troublesome. (unless a Scorcha Buggy or two gets to toast them..! ;) ).

Ditto for the Raveners and Lictor.

Also the Big-noggin´s are fine but wouldn´t it be nice to give the Carnifex a Barbed Strangler instead of those pointy sticks..?

I think it´s a nice list, will be fun to hear how it fares against your enemies. :)

16 January 2006 at 15:51  
Blogger Erwin said...

It shall fare nowhere.. For the Emperor's soul is with us!

in other words... He'll probably whoop mine the first 3 games after that it'll balance more since I'll have devised a proper strategem.....

nuke the warriors, bitchslap the flying tyrant, Auspex the BitchLord (eh, those 2 points ROCK, even more so in Combat Patrol), And FREEM the 'ed Tyrant.

16 January 2006 at 16:26  
Anonymous Arjan said...

well I don't know if the stealers will be fast enough but holding them back just long enough..should help a bit (I hope!). Taking to much upgrades costs gold in terms of points :(

The implant attack pays off very much against multiple wound creatures..yess.

In my current list I run a Carni with pie-plate but sometimes I lack some long range tanks topping power (anyone said Monolith?)
I so very much like to immobilize or even destroy it a bit easier.

16 January 2006 at 17:59  
Blogger Maarten Jalink said...

Wow! It looks like a Resident Evil scene :P

Tyrants! NOOO!

16 January 2006 at 19:38  
Anonymous Arjan said...

it's close. Ask Erwin he'll tell you ^^

16 January 2006 at 20:34  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Nice battle plan there Erwin, oh you indeed are a master strategist amongst mortal men :P

In more serious news, I guess thats the best you can do versus the Nids....


17 January 2006 at 19:05  

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