Friday, August 08, 2008

Book addiction of the moment

Somehow I remembered that originally this was a warhammer 40K to be a bit on topic..I'm enormously addicted to the Gaunt's ghost books at the moment. But keep reading, even if you don't know anything about warhammer.

I already read the 3 books of The Founding and now I'm almost finished with the 4 books of The Saint omnibus after which I'll try to get my hands on the last three books.

The thing with the books from Dan Abnett is, they are real pageturners. It's so bad, that in the ombibus after finishing one book, I thought..oh well let's just read the first page of the following book..and snapped out of it 30 minutes later.

The stories are set in the 41st millenium where mankind is continually fighting wars across the galaxy against aliens that fight to either conquer or just destroy worlds. The main enemy are the forces of Chaos (men, aliens and whatever, who obey evil gods) which is the archenemy of the humans.

Gaunt is a commissar (to keep it easy, commissars are normally hardline armyleaders who direct the common footsoldiers on the ground ánd keep them in check) who leads the men of Tanith on battlefields across the galaxy. The men of Tanith are the first and ónly regiment saved from Tanith when this world was lost to the forces of Chaos and it was decided to blow up the entire world.

Abnett describes the setting of the 41st millenium in the best way possible: a grim and dark time where there can be only war. Mankind is led by the holy emperor on earth (Terra) and has spread out unto untold numbers of planets. The fights are detailed and bloody and you learn to know many men and women during the stories and you feel like you're fighting right beside them. Either in a great open battlefield or in the trenches of some distant planet, there are many deaths that are just names, but there are also those where you catch yourself saying NO!!! out loud and you almost mourn them as much as the characters in the book are doing.

The books are amazingly cheap (the 4 book omnibus of The Saint is only 12US #!) and very much worth your time. I think even people who know nothing about the whole warhammer 40K universe would be able to enjoy these books and might get a small understanding why thousands of people are so hooked to this 'hobby' and overcome the 40K jargon that sometimes pops up.


Blogger Nashe* said...

That sounds so much like the Lit texts I had to read for my Dystopia module =/

9 August 2008 at 09:00  
Blogger Arjan said...

except these books are a good read ;)
Not a second of boooooooringgg.
Just finished The Saint btw.

9 August 2008 at 09:47  
Blogger Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Arjan
you will get any books at $2 in India.
still I dont have good reading habbit,but I have DVD addiction.

11 August 2008 at 07:37  
Blogger Arjan said...

hmm a friend of mine just got back from 3 months of India..I should have asked her to drag some home. Thing with these warhammer related books is that they aren't sold in most normal book stores.

11 August 2008 at 09:51  
Blogger Deepak Gopi said...

Hello Arjan
How are you?

19 August 2008 at 07:13  
Blogger Arjan said...

very well thank you for asking.
Been away to the Lowlands festival..look forward to a post about it.

I know I'm on a list of 40K blogs but as everyone knows..this blog has turned out to be a 40k + whatever blog.

19 August 2008 at 11:17  

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