Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gmail size counter

I hate math and most things number related, but I do get a smile when I see certain number combinations. The amount of space I have on my Gmail account might give one of those combinations soon.

Last week it was this:

--> 7587.748937 and counting.

I'm waiting for it to turn: 7654.321000 (and take a snapshot of it). I know 9876.543210 would be cooler, but that's not gonna happen for at least another year and a half... or so.



Blogger Arkonbey said...

When my wife and I were getting ready to buy our house, my dad wonderfully and generously came through with some cash to pay for closing costs.

We only (only? Sheesh!) needed $5,000, but he wrote a check for $6,543.21 just because he thought it'd be cool.

So, what will you be doing at twelve minutes and twelve seconds after midnight on the twelfth of December next year?

3 June 2011 at 02:33  
Blogger Arjan said...

hehe brilliant.

My dad's born on 05-05-'55 (European date system dd-mm)
so on 05-05-'05 he turned 50.

12.12.12 on 12-12-'12..hmm dunno what day is that? I should drink something on it..but I'll hopefully be at some kind of decent paying job :)

3 June 2011 at 22:36  

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