Saturday, April 28, 2012

Youtube Saturday 28th of april 2012

Cloud nothings - Stay useless
Love it.

Yung Jules - The intro
So it's NOT Kendrick Lamar ft Dre..but it ís a pretty good track. So forgive his 'cheating' :)

Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre - The recipe
This ís Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre. I like the laid-back sound of the sample.

Damian Marley - Set up shop
Start for yourself, life is what you make it.

Marike van der Meij - What you don't know
Local talent and a friend of mine.
It's a bit of an old recording (over 3 years back) but this was the only version on
youtube. Check here for a more recent version and other songs.

Racoon - Liverpool rain
You can watch the official clip here, had trouble embedding it...

Foster the people - Houdini
Another great song and another great video!

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