Sunday, August 24, 2008

Study avoiding behavior (SAB)

In Dutch it's called SOG, and that's exactly what I'm doing now while writing this post. I've been working on a report that's got to be finished tomorrow before say 12 AM and I figured out half-way through this evening what I did wrong..and got around to hopefully correcting it. But I can't put myself to just typing our after our..or at least thinking of what I need to type..without SAB'ing to a forum or a webcomic or my mail now and then. Thankfully I've got a big headphone on which keeps me from wandering through the house and doing other stuff.

Even though I shóuld be typing more sensible stuff right now, I'm hopefull that I'll finish the report on time and will even more hopefully drag at least a 5.5 out of it. If that happens..I'm going to get wasted next weekend, if not..guess what..same ending. In both circumstances I'll try and be a better student next year..just got to be.

A nice pic I found while googling for SOG:

*end of whining*


Blogger lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

hehe that's a good pic.

just remember what nike said, JUST DO IT!

it usually works for me anyway. i'm always thinkin', "just get it out of the way" or "get it over with"

26 August 2008 at 12:30  
Blogger Arjan said...

yeah..that's my new motto too.

The pic made me laugh for a while too :) There are some strange people out there.

26 August 2008 at 17:44  
Blogger Deepak Gopi said...

Nice pic :)
Good day

27 August 2008 at 08:18  
Blogger Arjan said...

just to be's not me on that photo hehe.

27 August 2008 at 08:53  

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