Friday, June 03, 2011

Claying around and objective markers

I've been fairly busy last weekend claying around and painting. Here's the result.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, the green stuff (it's litteraly called 'green stuff') is a clay that is made by combining a yellow and a blue part, kneeding them into the desired shape and it hardens after a certain time, depending on the mix of yellow & blue.

In this case I used it on the torso of a Carnifex (this is a carnifex) where I cut off it's normal spikes on the belly and glued the adrenal gland onto it and tried to make it look like it's grown into the torso.
You can also see the two magnets where I can attach different heads and shoulderpads.




In Warhammer 40K there are missions where the mission isn't just 'Destroy your opponent'. A far more important assignment is to occupy as many objectives (sometimes 2, sometimes d3+2) as possible. Untill now I used to use empty bases which is ofcourse a bit lame. A fully painted army fighting over an empty piece of plastic isn't what makes a battlereport interesting. About a week ago I remembered that there are alien plants on the Genestealer sprue and these would be simple but cool objectives. After about 3-4 hours (or so) this is the result:

Tyranid objective 1

Tyranid objective 2

Tyranid objectives

I'm quite happy with them.

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