Monday, February 23, 2009

A quarter of a century of me

It's my 25th birthday today (23rd of february) but you probably guessed as much.
Because 25 somehow sounds like a monumental crossingpoint I decided to get candles for my pie! *and because they're cool and all that*.

Pie! with 25 candles

And I didn't really buy this for my birthday but because I wanted one for some time (but it was hard to find a cool one) and because I thought I deserved it after passing my drivingtest *see earlier*. We put it together on saturday and yesterday I filled it with all the warhammer 40K minatures that I had here. I still need to put the lamps in, but it's a cool sight already:

The picture also reveals what a junk my desk is at the moment..please ignore that.
I already had my party *involving too much beer of course* so today will be a bit boring I guess, some pie-eating tonight!! Oh and spending some of the bookcoupons and money I got.


Blogger Dan said...

Happy Birthday, and nice case!

23 February 2009 at 11:58  
Blogger Rol said...

Happy birthday, you bright you thing!

23 February 2009 at 18:34  
Blogger Arkonbey said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on surviving one more orbit around the sun!

close ups of those minis?

24 February 2009 at 02:06  
Blogger Arjan said...

@ all: thanks!

@ Arkonbey
I will do some close-ups.

But for really decent pics I'm kinda waiting till I get my tripod (will be getting one from my uncle for taking care of their house for a week, it's supposed to be a really good one :)).

24 February 2009 at 10:51  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Belated Birthday my friend :)

Hope you had a good one!

I assume that's an ikea display or other? I know we have ones very similar at home now and even i've pondered wanting one (i just don't have anywhere to put it atm)...


24 February 2009 at 16:01  
Anonymous Marita said...

Happy Birthday :)

25 February 2009 at 01:07  
Blogger Sleepydumpling said...

Happy belated birthday!

25 February 2009 at 10:58  
Blogger Arjan said...


@ TAS: Ikea indeed. Nowhere to put it? Or nothing to put in it ;) *we're talking finished models here of course!*

The size is ->
Width= 43cm
Height= about 170cm
It's the Bertby cabinet :)
Maybe it's time to máke some room, there's probably a bunch of stuff you wanted to throw away anyways.

25 February 2009 at 12:18  
Anonymous Lee said...

Arg I meant to say happy birthday over here too!! Oh well at least you get to extend the birthday wishes :P

25 February 2009 at 23:34  
Blogger Maarten Jalink said...

Yeah! Twas a nice party. Sorry for your pie! I cleaned the slices though (and I did only like 9 candles :P)

26 February 2009 at 00:41  
Anonymous Widdle Shamrock said...

Happy belated birthday !!!

Pie looks yummy.

26 February 2009 at 03:47  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Don't have alot of space since i've always been making sure to maximise the space i have available, alas, i only have so much room space to work with. I could put stuff in it sure (although the ones that we have only have three shelves). Alas, i don't think i'll be losing sleep if i dont get one.

Now if i had my own entire house/apartment, that would be a completely different matter!


26 February 2009 at 09:44  
Blogger Arjan said...

@ Lee, don't be sorry you did your share!
@ Maarten: hmm yesss it was, those 3 pieces were perfectly good yummie pie untill the candles melted all over them ;)
@ Widdle: it was!

@ Tas: yes..if I had the entire appartment I would have bought another one *because I would have had the money for it obviously* hehe.

26 February 2009 at 12:21  
Blogger david santos said...

Brilliant posting, Arjan!
Happy week!

1 March 2009 at 23:10  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Wow, i never realised how many 'nids you had...

On a random aside, is blogger finally behaving when it comes to posting photobucket links?

Ie the formatting doesn't go weird/stretch out?


2 March 2009 at 15:02  
Blogger Arjan said...

1 Flying Tyrant
1 Walking tyrant + 3 guard (2 old skool)
6 shooty & 6 leaping warriors
2 Lictors
39 hormagaunts
18 spinegaunts
13 termagaunts
5 devourergaunts
12 Stealers and a Broodlord
3 Raveners + 1 red terror
3 Thropes, 2 Biovores, 1 Carnifex and an OOE and 6 ripperbases.

*the scary thing is, I didn't even have to start counting the above.

Well Photobucket used to directly give me a 'copy' when I selected any of the links of a pic, and it doesn't anymore which annoys me.

As far as stretching, I upload the pics in 1024*768 (or close to that)
And I póst the pics in 400*300 which fits and as far as I can see they aren't (too) stretched I guess. Have a click *it's _blanc* and see for yourself :)

3 March 2009 at 09:32  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

I think it's the gaunts that give the illusion of size (then again you do have a fair few).

So i assume you are using the share url link from PB to put into here?


3 March 2009 at 09:38  
Blogger Arjan said...

exactly why I play nids ;)

There's the
mail & IM link, direct link, html code and image code.

I use the html code. But that's just so I don't have to type all the code myself or click on the insert image thing from blogger and giving up urls etc (maybe that's where you've had problems?). I just add the width and height. Clicking on the image brings people directly to my photobucket where you have to click again for a semi-full size pic minor drawback for being lazy.

3 March 2009 at 09:55  
Blogger The Angelus Sanctus said...

Looks like i got the pics working. I'll just have to remember to use the width and height bits when i stick in the link.

Heck i think this is one of the first times i've used the edit html code function.


4 March 2009 at 11:55  

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