Monday, November 21, 2005

booze and other stuff

Scratching mold lines is such a rewarding job. NOT. It just suck when you try to build a tyranid army. They're not as easy to remove as with them marines :(
I've started a very small framework for the greenstuff which will be the 'base' of the base for my broodlord. In building it..of course I got myself kinda superglued to the base but after some removal of skin I got my finger back. That was all 40K related stuff.

Sport: my tooth jammed through my lip because someone swinged his arm the wrong way when attempting to do a (planned!) hip trow. Had ache (sp) in my wrist for a day because someone attempted to break it. Had a knifehand in my throat which also is a big help towards healthy breathing and I also almost got my head torn off in an attempt to strangle me. So far for sport being a healthy thing. But on the other hand I do kicked ass in the wrestling matches only lost one of 5 matches.

Study: had a relatively easy week last week. No big strains. Just some interesting lectures on dyslexia and speech and language impairments.

Parties: I had a nice party on tuesday in a local club. Got kinda boozed up and slept very very well. Damn those people for making beer cheaper than soda's ^^ .
wasn't a good idea for the day afterwards..but who cares about those things while your drinking. Yesterday (it's now sunday) and tonight we had a party at my sister's(and her boyfriend's)place because he became 23! Old rotter. Suffice to say we indulged ourselves in beer and all sorts of eddible stuff. My sister got hold of to many bottles of white whine and the whine finally won the next day and escaped the way it came. We also watched 'Vet hard'(translation: Super awesome/super cruel...ah damnit can't find a good translation) and a Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. The first one was a Dutch movie and we couldn't stop laughing about the cruel jokes and things that happened..just plain sick humor. The Hitchhiker's guide.. was also very funny. Things like the answer to everything (42) and a fish that you put in your ear as a global translator called (what else!) a Babelfish. Although I think a small part of the end was kinda lame (stereotypical movie end) but I won't'll know it if you see it.

That was it for now. Oh and I bought some new paint so we can resume painting 40k stuff.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Temporary update

So I haven't been updating for a while which has to do with study and general no painting of 40K due And next to that I've been really really trying to kick off of Stargate (haven't got any episode's of seison (sp) 9 and 8's finished). But I'm on a new addiction which is called Call of Duty 2! Finished the Russian campaign and I'm almost done with the British one...I think. More on this game later. Gotta go off to some training.