Saturday, February 23, 2013

Youtube saturday 23rd of February 2013

It's my birthday (29 if you were wondering) today!!!! What better day to post the first single from David Draiman's (from Disturbed) new band Device!

Device - Vilify

The expectations ran sky high before the release.
All I can say is that I love it and will check out a concert if I can.

We are the fallen - Bury me alive
Came across this by coincidence on spotify while looking for something else.
Similar to Evanescence, which I like.

One republic - Feel again
For a happy weekend feeling

Soulwax - Much against everyone's advice
This is back from 1998, I almost forgot this band...which I shouldn't.

Fläskkvartetten - Innocent

Alla Pugacheva - Tna Tikhoreskuyu
Pretty old (1975), but I heard it for the first time this week.

Brat 2 - Polkovnik (Colonel)
Rock from Russia :)

Fiona Apple - Sleep to dream
I think I've heard music by her before. This one's from 1996.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Youtube saturday 16th of February 2013

Pogo - Pinocchionic 
Brilliant as ever.

Josie Charlwood - Dreams
Great talent.

Janieck Devy - Six string thing

The lumineers - Stubborn love
Starting to appreciate them more and more

Pink ft Nate Ruess - Just give me a reason
Pink keeps surprising me.

Mac Miller ft Prodigy - Confessions of a cash register

Föllakzoid - Trees
A bit weird, but cool sound and a pretty cool video.

The Sword - Apocryphon 
Awesome mix of classic and modern rock/metal.
You can also find their entire album Apocryphon on youtube.

Tyler, The creator - Domo 23
WTF and cool

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Youtube saturday 9th of February 2013

Macklemore ft Wanz and Ryan Lewis - Thrift shop
I think I already knew this track, but didn't know the video. Which is awesome.

Robin Sparkles aka Robin Daggers - PS I love you
If you watch How I met your mother this is so much more fun :)

Mountain goats - Dance music
Great music

Coexistence - Web of oppression

The black heart rebellion - Ein avdat

Machine head - Locust (live)

Graham Coxon - You and I
A cheery pop song from a couple of years back.

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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Youtube saturday 2nd of February 2013

Texas Hippie Coalition - Pissed off and mad about it
4,5 yrs old apparently, but awesome.

Palmbomen - Black safari
Can't believe I missed the new release.

Fink - If only

Sofia Letitre - Devotion
her 2nd single (I'll need to check out the 1st :) )

Femme en fourrure - Pretty boy
I like to watch a pretty ass, but this just scares me,'s a bit scary.

Sandrien ft Kelly Mark- I really
Reminds me a bit of 'Adam Freeland's We want your soul' . So many things we 'really should do' but don't.

Unlocking the truth - Monster
Aside from being 11 year olds, they really play some good metal.

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