Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm gonna get me a flamethrower!

At least it's possible. I searched on But the only thing I found was a small flamethrower for in your car's exhaust. Cool but not what I was looking for.
So I stepped up a bit to E-Bay. And off course they had some.
At least...the means to build one:
How to build one
Cool or what.
And they had : A Technical Manual
Yes that is true people!!!! an original technical manual of a 1952s flamethrower!
Gotta get me this one!

But no it's not over yet:
A couple of sweet gas bottle carrier for a flamethrower: Swiss Flamethrower harnass
And sweet safe gas thingies themselves:
Cool gas bottles for a flamethrower
And what's even better: they've got em in 2!! colors (black and chrome).

They also happened to sell lot's of toys..but I wasn't after toys!

So you ask me..why do you want a flamethrower? Who doesn't!!!
Ok here's the truth: Last monday the police busted a lot of bikers from the Hells Angels and they said on the news that they found among other weapons (rocket launcher, grenades, sub-machine guns, pistols) a FLAMETHROWER.
The first thing that popped up was: SWEET I want one too! The 2nd was: what would they in freakin'hell ('s hot) need a flamethrower for in the Netherlands. C'mon..if you want to kill someone..just shoot em. If you want to blow up a car or something..use the rocket launcher (A FREAKIN ROCKET LAUNCHER). If you want to torch a place: use gasoline and a match/lighter.
Ok this was the end of my search for a flamethrower.

P.S. can anyone tell me what kind of ammo is used for 'airsoft' weapons like those sold on : Planet Airsoft
They sell AK's and also M4 Carbine (Socom's)!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Go see the doctorrrrrrrrrrrr!

It's just my toe...not some shady disease ;)
I'll update later on if they are gonna cut it off.

Ok ..the doc said he saw these kind of things before. My toe nail will grow will just take a while and it will look kinda nasty for a while. I'll live with it.
I can still go all ninja on all of you...except on Rico.
He's expected to die in Munchen at the end of Octobre. or..if he survives some sick sarcastic tests...earn major respect from everyone that's even a bit sane.
Although...size still does matter. My arms are quite long..and that's a big advantage...size means range..range means I can hit farther. But i'm not in a fight with anyone so the world is save hehe.
But Chris..if you still need a killwhore...Rico is just training to do it perfectly in the end...I think :P

Monday, October 10, 2005

40k etc.

Yay.. I base painted my broodlord. So now it is all white. Maybe if I get the time this morning I'll take a pic of it with my new sweetastic telephone cam :P (now I only have to figure out how to get it off the phone on my comp.)
Also did the first layer of paint on my Carnifex. After painting a lot of stuff just base Bleached Bone..I decided to do it the hard way and paint it over again with bestial brown and start from there. On about 2/3 of the model there are already about 2 layers of red (scab & gore) painted on a base of black. So my carni might actually be going somewhere. Every weekend a small step for my Carnifex...and no..not a giant leap for me. It's just that study takes up to much time, and I don't get around to painting during the week. I've also pinned my Zoanthrope and the tail of a Ravener the week before. I think I could have the Thrope finished in a couple of weeks (4 /5).

Oh ..and I'm quite satisfied with the GS job on my broodlord. The GS job is as good as invissible to the eye after painting it white.

I had a party at my cousin's place (her!! birthdayparty).
I couldn't find a separate word for a male cousin/female cousin (darn you altavista).
I had a great time, didn't drank too much, but didn't sleep to much either. Had a nice breakfast with popcorn, baked egg with ham on a piece of bread and mini-pizza's...gotta love those parties.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

All nighter's are bad..mmmkeeej

Ok so I got this assignment and it had to be done today at 12 o'clock @ noon.
I started on fryday and worked on it through the weekend but it just didn't go well enough. So I got up yesterdag at 6.30 AM and travelled to Groningen. Arrived at 8.30 and started to work somewhere during the morning. But in the evening I had a meeting to attend to and this meant I couldn't work on it during the evening. I got back at 11.30 pm. I spoke to a friend who was also busy with the assignment and we decided to work the entire night and morning to get this darn thing done. And so we did. By drinking WAAAAAAAAAAAay to much tea I somehow managed to stay awake. And at 11 AM finish the report. Completely exhausted I turned the report in at about 11.45.
I got home, watched a Stargate episode and went to get out at 3.30 pm because...I had college from 4-6 pm. I toxically induced my state of awareness with some cola and now I'm here..deciding that all nighter's are BAD. BAD!!!! I tells you. So next time, I'll start on it, take enough brakes to keep me concentrated etc.... It will be done before monday evening in the future. It just has too...because that saves me the stress of monday evening (and tuesday morning).
If it's to much of a ramble...remember that I have slept about 2 hours in the last 30 hours.


*crashes on the couch*