Saturday, May 17, 2008

Meeting a Ms. psycho bitch

I was biking towards the city centre with a friend of mine when around 10 yards infront of us we hear a woman make a sound like UGH!!!(and then ten times as irritated) like she forgot something.

So my first reaction was like..hmm yeah she probably remembers she forgot something and has to turn around. Have it all the time, annoying as hell. She turns around and I can barely hold my smile but we say nothing.

Before we know it she screams something along the lines of "CAN'T I BIKE ANYWHERE WITHOUT PEOPLE AROUND ME!!!!!!"

It was a big 'WTF' for us... We didn't do anything to piss her off and she screamed it out like we just punched her in the face or something. I hope it was just a bad day for her...but she sure fit the description of a psycho bitch who you wouldn't want to encounter after dark.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



If any person shown on this pic thinks I should remove know where to mail ;)

*copyright lies with the happy gamer on the photo.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Apocalypse now

So me and a friend decided to play a game of Apocalypse: 3500 vs 3500.
As you will notice..the tyranids have 2 colourschemes. That is because about 1/3 of the tyranids were borrowed.
As for assets: Chaos took Orbital bombardment (big pieplate pain) and I took Camouflage (5+ coversave in first turn).

3500 pt Nids

3500 IW

My army.
nid deployment

His army.
iw deployment

Liked this pic.
awesome sight

Looking through the Apocalypse book we saw a photo of a bunch of guys sitting down around a battlefield not paying any attention to the game, but just randomly doing stuff and looking oh so happy. We decided to replicate: happy gamer of the month.
GW gamer of the month

How a tyrant should nót work: my tyrants (1 shown on pic) probably had blunt claws..cause they couldn't destroy a paperhouse if it was presented to them on a platter.
claws are flimsy
The terminators were dying faaaar to slowly.

How not to use a carnifex 101: get a shooty fex up close with Kharn and his lads.

Pie-plate pain: the linebreaker vindicators tried and tried but couldn't bring a building down.

All in all it wás quite a close game but I lost 2-3 objectives because one sq got just below half strength. Even though my tyrants acted like sweet was a fun game. The next day we played a re-match where the dicegods decided to curse me. Tyrants hit even worse, zoanthropes couldn't hit anything and of course I probably made the necessary mistakes. The orbital bombardment asset worked nicely though. The enemy asset did too though...taking out 'half' of my Raveners before we even got started.