Saturday, May 25, 2013

Youtube saturday 25th of May 2013

Youtube spotify list

Eptic - Mastermind
Gotta love those movie conversations

Chris Hadfield - Space oddity
Brilliant cover

Queens of the stone age - My god is the sun
Raw as always.

Postmen - Wake em up
Great new track.

Asaf Avidan - Love it
A lot of nudity (not pornographic in my eyes). Since it's still on youtube, I guess posting it here (since both youtube & blogger are google products) will be no problem.

Bombus - Apparatus
Loud but not too loud :)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gaunt's Ghosts diorama part 1

I've had these models quite a while, but I only got around painting them this year and thought..well why not make it into a diorama. For those who don't know, they are modelled after the characters in the Gaunt's Ghost series

The problem of course is that in the storyline, some of them die or 'disappear' and this scene where áll of these specific Ghosts fighting Blood pact cultists lead by a Khorne Berserker on Gerion...never happened. I say to hell with that. So here's a start. The Ghosts need some final highlighting and the cultists are work in progress. Also, the base of the diorama needs 'some' work ;) There is also going to be a Wirewolf on a gibbet and a Sigil to finish it off.

So, very much work in progress:

Overview photo IMG_5392_zps23798a4c.jpg

Cultists + Berserker
 photo IMG_5393_zps26a18303.jpg

Gaunt's Ghosts
Gaunt photo IMG_5394_zps374e8d40.jpg

Khorne Berserker
Berserker photo IMG_5395_zps6b37860e.jpg

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Tyranids: Trygon marker

I found out I didn't take any photo's of this one yet.
You may (or may not) remember this post: Trygon

The photo's below are of the marker base for the Trygon after it deepstrikes and the sign it crushed is being replaced. It's an éxact copy of the base for the Trygon (incl. the location of the ruin and the sign). It's a 'Move along people, nothing to see here'-kinda situation where the Imperial Guard just swept some remains of the victims under a cloth and put up a brand new sign. Citizens beware, contact with aliens is a crime punishable by summary execution. Just so you've seen nothing!

*click to enlarge*

Citizens beware!
Citizens beware photo IMG_5387_zpsc38cb02f.jpg

The remains of the Trygon's victims are mopped under a blanket
Move along photo IMG_5388_zps2fed5aa8.jpg

A spade to cover up the hole that the Trygon made
Spade photo IMG_5389_zpsc8051bc0.jpg

A fresh paint on the sign, and it's done :)
The base could be improved somewhat by a thicker cover of mud...
 photo IMG_5391_zps1465a6a1.jpg

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Tyranids: Biovore 5th edition

I like the 3rd edition model better and I don't even have the other ones in between...
also, this is still a metal kit instead of the current resin version which is more expensive than it's weight in gold I think...

5th edition Biovore
It still needs to be based and varnished, but that's just a formality.
5th ed Biovore metal photo IMG_5356_zpsa90d4942.jpg

5th ed Biovore metal side photo IMG_5355_zpsdca1be4e.jpg

5th ed Biovore metal back photo IMG_5357_zps4a9ea66a.jpg

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Tyranids: Broodlord brothers

Broodlords. They're kinda shelved at the moment, but I'm sure they'll get some field time in the future if I feel like it or the rules improve.

I knew thee photo IMG_5360_zps6a9ac95b.jpg

Broodlord 3 side photo IMG_5361_zps7674d83c.jpg

The 3 Broodlords I have together
Broodlord brothers photo IMG_5364_zpsdfbd9928.jpg

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Tyranids: Tervigon number 1

I've been slow in building this since I wanted it to be painted better than the models I've had so far and wasn't sure how to do that. Finally sat down with a friend and I'm really happy how it turned out. The base was made from torn up cork board.

There are 2 problems still.
1) The 2nd set of legs/arms (counting from the front) didn't need to be magnetized..but I already glued the magnets in the torso..couldn't get them I decided to glue those arms directly to the magnets. A bit stupid..but can't be helped and you barely notice.

2) The angle of the crushing claws and the left (for the viewer) fleshborerhive should be a bit more outward similar to the right fleshborerhive. Thís I can improve fairly easy by breaking off the magnet and glueing it in place in a different angle, I already did that with the right arm and I'm glad I did. Will change it in the coming month or so. Until then, well it's tabletop ready.

As always, click on the image for a bigger view, click again to enlarge (on photo in new screen).

Tervigon number 1 (#2 is already in progress)!
Tervigon talons photo IMG_5375_zpsf2060eb7.jpg

Tervigon from the side
Tervigon side photo IMG_5377_zpsda939d41.jpg

Tervigon from the back
Tervigon back photo IMG_5378_zps2ba6f204.jpg

It's a baby!
Spawn close up photo IMG_5380_zps891bd167.jpg

The photo shows a minor imperfection...looks like I forgot to wash (kind of paint)
a small part - the arm of the baby
Spawn close up photo IMG_5379_zpsc403a6ba.jpg

With crushing claws (see point 2, need to be re-positioned).
Tervigon Crush photo IMG_5382_zps3dfb689f.jpg

With Fleshborerhives
 photo IMG_5384_zps7583739d.jpg

Here you can see how the left arm has a better position, the other is to close to the head.
Tervigon Fleshborerhive photo IMG_5383_zps512f6336.jpg

 photo IMG_5386_zpsda16e05e.jpg

 photo IMG_5385_zps7ff7dfe5.jpg

No front-arms or head.
Btw the big fleshy womb is also removable so I can make the Tyrannofex.
The weapons for that one are still work in progress.
arms and head removed photo IMG_5381_zps9b685ad5.jpg

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Youtube saturday 18th of May 2013

Youtube spotify list

Don Diablo ft Alex Clare and Kelis - Give it all
Pure awesomeness

Freddie Dickson - Shut us down
with a Lana del Ray sound but Belgian :)

Mr Little Jeans - Oh sailor

Andrew Bayer - It's going to be fine
Doesn't sound like it's going to be fine though..

Andrew Bayer ft Ane Brun - Lose sight
Even better than the one above.

Jamie N Commons - Rumble and sway (Imagine Dragons remix)

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Youtube saturday 11th of May 2013

Youtube spotify list

Walk of the earth - Material girl
Awesome cover!

The editors - A ton of love
Great new Editors track.

Fight or flight - First of the last
A great side-project by among others Disturbed members Mike and Dan.

Skyzoo - Range Rover Rhythm
If only for the alliterating title.

Bastille - Flaws ánd Rhythm of the night
2 for 1. Great accoustic performance and a cool cover (2nd track).

Allah-Las - Busman's holiday
Great song and a fun video

The cat empire - Brighter than gold
Somehow this one slipped through the cracks a couple of weeks ago and didn't get posted.

Chapel Club - Shy the best way to describe this video

Knife party - EDM Death machine
Pure energy

Mindless Self Indulgence - Kill you all in a hiphop rage
A complaint against the current state of hiphop.
In my humble opinion.. there was always plenty of crap and there is still both now :)

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Youtube saturday 4th of May 2013

Youtube spotify list

Pogo - SquareBob SpongeMix
Pogo is a king in making music with sounds from cartoons/movies.

Stornoway - The bigger picture
A bit of a Simon and Garfunkel sound.

Alicia Keys - New day
The clip isn't anything special, but I really like the power of this track

Mr Carmack - Birth control
Love this beat.

Liston - All on you
Soul/relax with a beat

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