Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Offspring @ Huntenpop

I went to see The Offspring at a small festival somewhere in the middle of ffing nowhere but it was worth the drive!
They did a couple of tracks from their new cd but the majority was old hits and about 90% of Americana *which ísn't a bad thing*.

I haven't checked closely but I wouldn't be surprised if I bounced in view in the vid below. There was a LOT of moshing going on including an enormous circle pit.

Some photo's that a friend of mine took:

The Offspring2

The Offspring1

The Offspring3

The Offspring4
Yes that's me on screen there for those who recognize me :-)
The only bad things about the day were: there was not enough decent food, there was no food or drinks outside the festival *there were a bunch of hungry people waiting outside* and there was very very heavy rain on the way back.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dutch movies (top 10) pt 1

I was tagged weeeeeks ago by Dan to do a top ten movie list of Dutch movies worth watching, at least I think that's what he wants. Because I'm working too much, trying to have a social life and still do other time consuming silly stuff, and of course because I'm lazy, I'll just use IMDB for short synopsis info (without spoiling) if I agree enough with it.

The list is at random, not specifically the best movie first, just some Dutch movies you should see. Because of said lazyness this is pt 1. This is 1 of the first titles that came into my head when thinking about good Dutch movies.

Soldaat van Oranje/ Soldier of Orange (also known as Survival run).

SOLDIER OF ORANGE is a film about a group of friends who encounter the occupation of Holland by the Germans in different ways. The film splits up it's time dealing with the stories of the friends and that of one of them who becomes a high ranking member of the OSS and close political ally to the queen of Holland. The film, set during WW2, is even handed in it's approach. SOLDIER OF ORANGE is a unusual film and was made with a high degree of quality. The film goes for a sense of realism not often seen in cinema, the film,made in Holland is in dutch yet in the sequences in england it is in English. I recommend this film to WW2 buffs and fans of art-house cinema alike. Both groups will be pleased as will foreign film fans who can be assured of finding something worthwhile.

Personal adds: remember that it's a movie from 1977 and it shows a bit, but for the time it was (and is) still a very good movie. Directed by Paul Verhoeven.
I'll try to update with pt2 on wednesday.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Good and bad news

I spray painted a white base coat on ALL of my remaining 40k plastic racks (just like model airplanes, everything is in racks), roughly 10€ off paint. So that's progress.

But while trying to grab a Orljonok model airplane which was still work in progress came crashing down from over 2m high...wing broke off at gluepoint and some other stuff, I'll have to see how good I'll be able to fix it.
I think I haven't cursed as loud as today in a long while..