Monday, June 30, 2008

European Championship football 2008: The Dutch

A last post about football.

The highlights of games by the Dutch (game against Russia excluded, cause that sucked):

Sadly not all goals are shown that well, but most are. I had a great time up to the quarter finals. Next to that I won the EC 2008 poule I had with some friends, mainly by prognosing the Germany vs Turkey game exactly 3-2 and prognosing Spain as the winner of the final game against Germany (didn't prognose them as champions from the start though). A great tournament! Already looking forward to the World Championship in 2 years!

I just míght make a 40K related post this week, I think I can put in some paint time somewhere.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Les Passantes (a French chanson)

I'll say it here, and in the end a bit's FARRR stronger than what I feel at the moment, but I think it's beautiful and there's truth in it.

Georges Brassens - Les Passantes (the passers by)

I want to state that even after 5 years of French still sucks. So I translate the French as good as I know and with help of the Dutch translation I also got here (which isn't even as accurate as I would have made it..I think).

I dedicate this poem
to all the women which you thought you loved
During a couple of secret moments
For them who you could barely(be able to)know
They awaited another destination/destiny
And thos who you never saw again

She who in a dark 'side street'
Passes along quickly
She disappears, cause nothing stays
But her tender, delicate silhouette
Was of such gracious 'level'
That you were pinned down

With whom you were in a train
Her eyes, a charming view/ Her face you'll never forget (don't know for sure which is best..)

The trip appeared so fast then
She'll understand you're single (alone)
But you let her get out anyway
You didn't even touch her (a saying...)

She danced (?) with such souplesse and grace
She seemed sad and nervous
That night on the carnaval
She didn't give up her name
And you never saw her
dance on another dance (ball..)

The beauty who recently got married
Her bed still so cold
They never were that much in love
she knows/sees it's 'a real shame' (or something along that line)
Only melancholy stays (only melancholic days)
A hopeless future

Images from a dear past
Disappearing hope, from days past (long ago)
Destined for oblivion
If luck seems to show up/appear
There's a big chance it'll hurt you
Those memories/moments go up in smoke

But if you continually know no love
it's understandable you're jalous
on the luck you could have had
on the kisses you could have gotten
on the hearts that (stopped??) waiting on you /Dutch transl. said: on the lips (coeurs is heart if I'm right though) that are now silent for you
on the eyes which you will never see again

Now, in your lonely nights
You rethink what time has brought you
The fantoms full of nostalgia/souvenirs..
The women who pass you by,
you see yourself standing on the side, trapped in melancoly

Hmm reading and translating this it is much stronger than I thought. A bit too much for what I wanted to say..but:
I'll go as far along as that there are so many beautiful women (probably counts the other way around to for women--> so many men) who seem to touch you for a moment. Some more than others, some stay longer than others. Sometimes you regret not having said the right thing or just anything. Life is full of meetings that end up in 'what-ifs'. Sometimes you regret it, sometimes you don't.

No, there is no big broken heart overhere or something, I just came along this poem while I was cleaning up (big time) and remembered that I kinda liked it and there is truth in there. I decided to keep it.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yeah! Beat France 4-1. And as prognosed, beat Romania 2-0.
Now it's waiting to see who we got to beat next saturday to see those damn Italians again (no offence..).
So..there's two sides to beating the Italians twice. 1: It's good, because then we go on to the finals. 2: it's bad..I'm going to Rome on the 7th of July..and those Italians really are gonna hate the Dutch if they beat them twice.

40k stuff...23 days left till 5th edition rules. We'll see...

And just to scare you..a fairly drunk picture of me with the So-Sjaal (so-scarf...coming from social..because you can zip more of these scarfs together).:

*pfft this is the ....time that I needed to edit spelling mistakes..I guess I should post when I'm less tired.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Going's on

At the moment there is no time for 40K...although 5th edition is coming up.
Got to more tests and a report to make and next to that there's the European Championship football that sucks up time. My poule (prognoses of the outcomes for all first round matches) are going quite well and the Dutch team is also doing quite well. We've beaten Italy with 3-0 but there are still 2 tough matches coming up before we reach the quarter final. Although, there's a good chance we can come through tonight by winning from France.

I surely hope so. My prognose: 2-1 (for the Dutch of course).

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Korrewegbrug (Korreweg-bridge)

Biking towards training we had to cross the Korrewegbrug, as it was open (for a boat) we had to take the high pathways for bikers and people on foot so weren't held up. Looking to the left I saw this:


Took out my phone, snapped this one and went on my way.