Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lowlands 2011 Day 3

De Staat A bit of a strange Dutch funkrock band, but quite good when you get used to it.

The Roots Loved it.

Warpaint I heard I really missed out on Skunk Anansi, but this was wéll worth it!

Trophy Wife A shame I couldn't find any Lowlands live footage. I read a piece by a journalist who didn't like it too much, but I loved it enough to stick around untill I really 'needed' to leave for the next thing on my planning. So here's a vid from London Calling festival:
There's a link on the youtube description for the entire concert.

Interpol They've been standing on Dutch festivals as long as I visit them, but never saw them live. Not bad, but not stunning either.

The Offspring
I've seen them live in 2009 on Huntenpop and was really looking forward to seeing them again. No, they don't have many new tracks and yes they're getting a bit old, but did I or the rest of the crowd mind? Héll no.

I was in the moshpit a little to the left of the first pillar:

I'll check some other youtube video's later on to see if you can see me bouncing around :)

Bands I unfortunately didn't get to check due to double schedules or just being too tired: Agnes Obél, Trentemöller, Skrillex and Karnivool and probably some others.

Waking up around 9 am, we had plenty of time to pack stuff up. Our neighbours were nice enough to leave around 70 cans of beer and soda's and some really great campingchairs which we were more than happy to bring along. We finally left the camping around noon to get stuck in traffic leaving the 'parking lot' (grass fields..) for two hours or so and arriving home around 5pm.

Suffice to say, Lowlands was awesome.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Lowlands 2011 Day 2

Palmbomen (Dutch for 'Palm trees')
The available live footage doesn't do justice to the music (really bad sound quality) so here's the studio version. It was one of my favourites.

Young the giant
Only heard it from a distance, but it sounded nice.

Classic rock was back. IIRC most of these guys haven't even turned 18 yet, it's good to know we might be able to enjoy this kind of music live for many years.

Flogging Molly
Great sounding Irish folkrock. Knew them for years, never saw them live before.

Within Temptation
The biggest musical export product from the Netherlands. And rightfully so.
Mother earth, as a bit of a tribute to what happened on Pukkelpop (currenly standing at: 5 dead and over 140 wounded).

Selah Sue
Some hate it, some love it. I enjoyed it sitting outside.

Really awesome relaxing show to finish the saturday night.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lowlands 2011 Day 1

After 3 years I visited the Lowlands festival again. With 12 people in our group it was a bit of an expedition getting all our stuff (2 sleeping tents, a party tent, food and cloths etc) on the camping on thursdaynight, but using 2 carts and a lot of patience got the job done.

As usual we brought a lot of knakworsten (small kind of 'Frankfurters'), bread and mayonaise for breakfast and plenty of chocolate and golden power (cheap red bull) and other snacks. Driving to Lowlands we heared about the tragedy on Pukkelpop and hoped that the rain we had on the road would be the last or at least the worst. As it turned out we only had 1 or 2 major rainshowers.

Friday - Day 1 of 3
Anna Calvi

Didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

James Blake

It got off to a bit of a slow start, but the song above turned the crowd around. Some of the girls in our group complained about feeling a bit ill from the bass. I just got a major sunburn from sitting just outside the tent in the sun enjoying the music.

Rise Against

*this one is 1 of 5, so you can actually check the entire concert!!! I really need to check out more of them since I only knew them by name and I think I would've enjoyed it a lot more if I knew some of their tracks.

Noah and the whale

Most if not all of their tunes are borrowed (this one: Lola), but that made it recognizable and fun.

The naked and famous

Paul Kalkbrenner
I only walked passed this, didn't have enough time to really check it out. Looks like I missed out.

After the regular concerts there was a 'Zero's Heroes' DJ playing everything from 2000-2010ish which was fun, but the crowd almost exploded after they switched to all 90s music. Always nice to scream out your lungs on 90s hits and dancing around on happy hardcore tunes.

Don't know on which night this was, but probably every night...:
One of the strange highlights was a somewhat ad hoc party at the camping store from Hema:

'Where is the Hema?...The Hema's overhere!' Is basicly what everybody was chanting running around with inflatable sausages and 3AM.

Tomorrow: Saturday - Day 2
The day after tomorrow: Sunday - Day 3


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Youtube saturday 13th of August 2011

Noel Gallagher's High flying birds - The death of you and me

't Schoon vertier - Belgian girls

Sung in English, but great music from Belgium!

Gotye ft Kimbra - Somebody I used to know

The former lover is now just somebody he used to know.. Melancholic great song.

Arsenal - Lokemo

Also check out this
It's untypable..but this comes close: +++ - +hholyghs+
I'll have something other than youtube saturdays soon.


Monday, August 08, 2011

An ordinary keyboard

This is what a keyboard shóuld look like:

But as most people who've had the same keyboard for years know, this isn't what an ordinary keyboard looks like.

I was too ashamed to take a photo of my keyboard with the keys removed and uncleaned, but suffice to say you could feed a small country for a day with the contents. The problem is that I regulary have breakfast, lunch or dinner at my desk so I use the keyboard with dirty fingers or spill food on it etc. So..I took a picture where a series of keys haven't been put back yet and where some final cleaning was needed.

And a photo of some of the keys to show how dirty separate keys were...
To be fair, I've had the keyboard for about 8,5 years before I cleaned it this thoroughly. It takes a while to clean your keyboard but it feels like new now.