Friday, March 30, 2012

Youtube saturday 31th of March 2012

The death set - They come to get us
A bit of a Beasty boy sound and a crazy video.

Burial & Four tet - Nova
I could listen to this for hours. Also a cool video.

Boys noize - Adonis (Mark E remix)
I can listen to this on whisper volume as well as loud. Strange how you can make crazy sounds into a cool mix.

Jacques Greene ft Koreless - Arrow
Just relax. I like it played not too loud..

Weekend sun - Keep running
Reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse.

The cactus channel - Budokan
Funky trumpets.

Schoolboy Q ft A$ap rocky- Hands on the wheel
That sample is just awesome. Sounds a bit like Lana del Ray.
School Q kinda messes it up halfway through for me but whatever.

Le le - No
A translated version of 'Neen' .

Obie Trice ft Eminem - RichardGuess what Richard's an aka for...

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Youtube Saturday 24th of March 2012

Haven't had too much time to listen this week. I'm sure there's tons of more cool music out there this week. has released their London channel last thursday so that's another 22 selections of 22 tracks :)

Menhir - Passing grades
A cool local band and a cool video, if only for the footage of my hometown.

Phunxz - ContradictieGreat Dutch wordplay - the video is a bit violent btw.

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyari) - Candy candy

I can't read Japanse, but got 'Kyari' from one of the comments. I think I liked one of her video's before. 
It's a typical Japanese wtf video. Don't ask me what an onion has to do with candy...

Jehst - Australian
Almost spoken word, jazzy hiphop.

Sido ft K.I.Z. - Der Tanz
Embedding wasn't possible. It's rather old, but new to me.
If you need a simple dance, this should help :P
Sido ft K.I.Z. - Der Tanz

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Youtube Saturday 17th of March 2012

This week is filled with a bunch of beautiful and or strange video's.

The following two Miike Snow video's should be watched in this order to make ány sense. Supposedly it's about musicians being destroyed by mainstream music or something like that.. ór you could just put your wtf face on and enjoy.
Miike Snow - Paddling out

Miike Snow - The Wave

Miike Snow - Devil's work
This video doesn't really add to the story, but worth listening.

Virtual boy - Memory of a ghost
I'm not a huge fan of autotune, but this...just awesome. Put it on fullscreen!

Chairlift - Met before
What if....  there is also a version where you decide which course of actions is followed. I like the indie sound.

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our own dream
This sounds a bit sad. In realted news mr Tsimpinis  (the director)
has a a whole list of his video's which are probably worth watching.

Pig and Dan - Saturn storm
Who says techno needs to be loud. Play this as easy chill music.

Jesse Ware - Running
RnB meets minimal techno (what do I know..). Give it a chance.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Youtube Saturday 10th of March 2012

Needed to read a lot and relax music is what's playing if anything while quite a lot from that section.

Dean Blunt ft Inga Copeland - Narcissists

Jim-E Stack - 3rd Soul
Best heard through your headphones. It sounds like it's litteraly going in one ear, through your head and out the a good way.

Rhye - Open
Already a couple of weeks old for my ears, but somehow slipped through my posts.

Isbells - Illusion
The Belgians create some really beautiful pop music.

Arctic Monkeys - R u mine?
Same feel as earlier songs, sounds good.

't Hof van commerce - Stuntmann
Flemish hiphop, don't understand half of it, but it just flows.

Ministry - Double tap
A double tap is a method of making sure someone's dead, shoot em twice. Two shots in close succession.
Agressive, and that's how this sounds.

Tigerstyle ft Rani Randeep - Kudi
Fresh from the Sedi section of 22tracks London.

Finally, check London's songwriters for Nick Mulvey's "Venus ruff".

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Youtube monday? 3rd of March 2012 post

Far too busy week, busy weekend, other stuff to do. But there still was some music.

Dan Bull - Bye bye BPI
The BPI is the British Phonographic Industry. Next to liking the message, it's a good track.

Gorillaz ft Andre 3000 (from Outkast) and James Murphy - DoYaThing
Funny clip, funny music.

The xx - VCR
So it's over 2 years old, but I only heard it last week and I like it.

Yuksek - Off the wall
Easy to the ear and a creative clip.

Goldfish - Fort Knox
So it's also not new and it's not the official clip, but hypnotic nonetheless ;)
Next to that, Goldfish's music should be better known, so if you can't put yourself to oogle at a hoolahooping girl, just listen.

Since it was such a busy week and this week will only be a bit slower, check out the 22tracks facebook for probably 3-4 other great video's.

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