Thursday, July 26, 2007

Roskilde Festival 2007 (Denmark)

Finally an update featuring the pics that tell the tale:
I won't show all pics in the order I took them but some just have to be shown first :) CLICK TO ENLARGE (the pics are quite decent considering it's a phonecam)
A pic of our camp: (others spraypainted 'fuck locals' at night)

Our camp

Our flag features a giant pig with an arrow towards his mouth and an arrow out of his but. The word 'suppertime' somewhat describes all of the junkfood we bring along (like chocolat, chips, chocolat, corn bars oh..and more chocolat)

A festival isn't only about the music it's about camping..and stereotypical bad weather...
Somehow lots of rain seemt to accompany almost all of the festivals I've been to.
Roskilde 2007 was no different. With around 100mm of rain in 4 days it was BAD (considering we don't have monsoon in Europe)! Oh and the wind blew away partytents and normal tents alike.

The grass still green:

We saw people using a partytent as a kite!!
I know bad quality, but that's because I didn't figure out the 'fine' setting on my phone :S
One of the best pics that shows it best:

The green grass turned into mud

Nah it's not gonna rain even more..we wanted to deny it ;)

Before the biggest mud and it already screamed 'Greetings from Roskilde!' in postcard form:
Greetings from Roskilde

Thé best pic I took!
New Orleans in Denmark
Of course no pun intended to the victims of Katrina, just a reference I guess..


Just to get your head out of the mud, we did have a nice sundown one of the days before the festival really begun.

On the festival site artists sprayed graffiti, some highlights:

'On your puny body...survive??!!'
The Hulk


Rebel with a cause

With al these strange pics you'd almost forget there was music!
Hayseed Dixie:
Hayseed Dixie
As strange as they look: humoristic country-rock music *you know you want to look for their music!*

With limited zoom, the screens are a nice way to take a good pic of the Beasty boys:
Ad Rock

Another beastie

A view of the Orange stage (main stage):
The who
I think this was 'The Who'. They were great!!!

This 'trench' as the 'owners' called it was actually waistdeep and they made ducttape machine guns on the walls. It had been filled with water after thursday.

Basement Jaxx were the official closing act (although Tiësto played till 4 am)
Basement Jaxx
In the end there were big fireworks and if you looked over the crowd you could see thousands of lit-up screens from mobile phones taking pics :)

Sum-up off all of the bands/groups I saw:

Talib Kweli, Jean Grey, The Clipse, Timbuktu & Damn, Björk (awesome, look for reactable on youtube), arctic monkeys, red hot chilli peppers (minor disappointment: Anthony Kiedis was ill..he looked like a zombie on stage), Queens of the stoneage!, Machine Head, The Who, Basement Jaxx, Pelican (new to me, they rock!), arcade fire (also cool!), beastie boys, alpha blondy, hayseed dixie,

Guilty Simpson (the only one from Stones Throw Records which actually gave a show, instead of just screaming random lines while showing old skool hiphop clips),
Strike Anywhere (think Blink 182 but louder), Trost, Wilco (their drummer had some ADHD moments out of the blue while the rest kept playing softly).

One hell of a line of artists, one hell of a week.
Roskilde 2007 Rocked the mud of my boots (which I had to buy eventually).

If you want to glance (or watch longer) at all of the pics I took:
All the pics (102, but scrollable)