Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pink Pop!!!

For those of you who don't know what this is...
Pink Pop is a big 3-day music festival in the Netherlands during 'Pinksteren' (Lent or Pentecost).
They abreviated 'Pinksteren' to pink..and because it's a popfestival named it: Pink Pop. And..going a bit further: 'pop' is the Dutch word for 'doll'.
So the mascotte of the festival is a doll with a pink dress. And you can buy pink heads, and yes most people dó buy them!! Damnit for not getting my hands on one this year.

Me, Erwin and a friend only went on monday because the big bands would be playing then.
Line up on monday: The Fratellis, The Kooks, Macy Gray, 30 seconds to Mars, Wolfmother, Stone Sour, The Dave Mathews band, Maria Mena, Korn, Evanescence, Linkin Park and as final act: The Smashing Pumpkins!

I saw:
- Stone Sour (somehow the volume levelling on that stage kinda sucked so we couldn't really hear the singer's voice over the music good enough)
- Wolfmother from a distance.
- Evanescence: alas only 30 minutes, because we wanted to see the Smashing Pumpkins completely from a good spot. But it was very nice.
- Linkin Park: this was in one word: AWESOME!!!!!!! Best show I saw in ages and we had a nice little mosh pit with about 10 guys.
- The Smashing Pumpkins: typically a band where when you hear their songs you are like..oh yes I know this one!!!! They had strange dresses on (the guys) and one hot female guitarist and a 'helloooo nurse' on keyboard.

Some short youtube footage of the LP show (look for pink hats ;) ):

One Step Closer

One Step Closer *different view and longer..*

With You
Embedding was disabled for this one.

In July I'm going to the Roskilde festival in Danmark, but then the for the full festival, not one day.
One day of Pink Pop was definitely worth it, but it's a serious week-breaker.
Alarm clock at 4am, bus at 5 am, arrival at 11.30 am, left at 11.30 pm, arrived back in Groningen 5am...back in bed at 5.30 am...tired as fuck!

Friday, May 11, 2007


No, there will be no rant cause there is not really much to rant about because the trip to Kopenhagen was very very cool (hot actually).

I'm gonna divide the pics into 2 categories: vehicles, Kopenhagen.
If you want to see all the pics I took: Arjan in Kopenhagen 40K stuff is on page 7 & 8 !!

Running around in Kopenhagen I saw lot's of cool cars and motorcycles and our boat and having a digicam at hand, took pics ^^
I've kept em small for blogspace, just click and see the big ones.

This was a like boat on which we travelled from Germany to Danmark (the bus was parked in the boat)

Chopper :)

A Morris...I think.

An E-type which was parked at a stupid place, but who in his right mind would bump against it!

Sweeeeet! And I'm not the only one who took pics of this one :)

Dun dun dun
Old Danish warship :)

Maybe someone spraycanned the other bike?

some view

Black diamond

UB Kopenhagen
Their university library, way cooler than the one in Groningen!

Cam madness
Exchange of the palace guard, very cool.
I got better pics than this on p4 of the photobucket(link see above) but this one shows how many people there were taking pics etc ;)

Went to the Carlsberg brewery, yay for beer!!! *normally very expensive in Danmark: 7€ for 0,5L of Guinness or 5,5€ for a small glass of beer ...auch.

wall art
More wall art on p6. This was in Christiana: a hippy (neighbour)hood where they dealt/do drugs freely (well ladida..we got the netherlands ;) )

There were people who took better pics.. but who doesn't know H.C. Andersen's Meremaid.

The bridge to Sweden. Haven't been there.

Me, with someone from the group
Me on the 'round'tower. It's an observatorium and called the round tower (almost now stairs, just walk in circles to the top, except for the very last part)

Í might edit the post if I don't like how the pics are stacked shown..but lack of time leaves me with 2 options: save as concept or publish.
I choose Publish!!!
All in very very nice week in Kopenhagen. Got back like a redskin and tired as hell.