Saturday, April 28, 2012

Youtube Saturday 28th of april 2012

Cloud nothings - Stay useless
Love it.

Yung Jules - The intro
So it's NOT Kendrick Lamar ft Dre..but it ís a pretty good track. So forgive his 'cheating' :)

Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre - The recipe
This ís Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre. I like the laid-back sound of the sample.

Damian Marley - Set up shop
Start for yourself, life is what you make it.

Marike van der Meij - What you don't know
Local talent and a friend of mine.
It's a bit of an old recording (over 3 years back) but this was the only version on
youtube. Check here for a more recent version and other songs.

Racoon - Liverpool rain
You can watch the official clip here, had trouble embedding it...

Foster the people - Houdini
Another great song and another great video!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Youtube Saturday 21st of April 2012

Amulet - Running out of time
It's from 2011, but could've just as well been made in the 80s. Old school heavy metal (so not all that heavy)

The mighty mocambos - Struggle and triumph

The herfsts - Make waves
Someone put footage from a classic movie (1 mln years BC. 1966) up as a video for this:)

Douglas Firs - Shimmer and glow
Heard this before, don't know why it slipped through...

Wallace Vanborn - Cougars
Tried to find 'We are what we hide', but this will do just fine.

At the snow - Fool to try
A Dutch band, so good it needed to be added today after posting time.
You should try and open it twice shortly after eachother, it also sounds good in canon.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Youtube Saturday 14th of April 2012

Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive (Claire and Sheila Hill bootleg)
I haven't heard the original mix yet, but who cares!

Them crooked vultures - Dead end friends
Why haven't I seen them live yet....

Van She - Idea of happiness

Mayday ft Tech N9ne- Badlands
A nice mix of rap and rock. I wouldn't be surprised if a remix with Justin Timberlake shows up btw.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - We almost lost Detroit
This swings.

Ane Brun - To let myself go
This one's from back in 2005 apparently, but I only heard it yesterday. And it's worth spreading.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Ana (moonlight matters remix)
Plenty of good pop music around.

Madeon - Icarus
More good pop music.

Jack White - Sixteen saltines
Not sure if I like this track, but you can always just enjoy the strange video.

David Lynch - Crazy clown time
I guess I forgot this one last week, but well seeing as I'm posting some video's for the video's instead of the music this one fits in véry well. And there you were thinking the Van she video was a bit weird.

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Youtube saturday 7th of April 2012

Quite an overload this week, but thankfully it's not all that much work to put this together.

Gjallarhorn - Suvetar
Far from new (at least 2006), but new to me and quite beautiful.

Bon Iver - Towers

Daily bread - Loverst
A powerful voice and a strange videoclip.

Minus the tiger - Home is where the heart is
I guess tin foil hats still protects against mindreading aliens...

Shinedown - Adrenaline
This band's really grown on me since I saw them live 2-3 years back.
*btw sounds like Bon Jovi to me*

Miss Pooja - Menu tere jeya
From the 'Desi' genre of 22tracks London. I don't understand a word, but it just sounds good.
Oh and she's easy on the eyes too.

With the punches - Deadweight
Go back to the early 90s and think Greenday.

Gupsy Aujla and Saini Surinder
Punjabi or Desi or something and dance mixed just sounds awesome. Couldn't find a youtube without the irritating 'out now' bs now and then. This music is just waiting for a Katy Perry feature.

Anti-flag - This is the new soundA simple sounding riff, catchy. And it's got 'muppets'.

Ghostpoet - Survive it
The accent reminds me a bit of Faithless' Rolo.

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