Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back from Walchsee!

Just a short post about it..maybe a longer one later.
Thursday morning we left for München. Arrived at 9pm. Drank all the beer in our hotel (yes really!..they only opened 4 days ago and had no idea how well they would sell, because their neighbouring hotel is very popular as a pub).
So we went to the neighbouring hotel..and started on theirs (but they had plenty).
I wasn't the only one to fail the 'keep-the-beer-in test...but oh well we had a fun time and drank a lot. Cleaned up n stuff. So no problem there. We had breakfast with an enormous pizza and headed to Walchsee. Were there about 12.30. Trained at 4pm till 7pm. Ate in a restaurant. Saturday: trained from 9-13 somewhere in that training I twisted my knee. So oh joy..I had 2 days to go and was already a bit of a limp. Trained from 14-19. Ate. Sunday: 9-14 and 15-18 or so. Monday: 9-12. We had a lot of sun..but also a lot of rain. And because of doing all kinds of arms are red, brown and blue ;)

We went back on monday afternoon 1.30 pm. Arrived in Groningen around midnight. Yay for the Autobahn and driving 150-160kmh.
This pic was taken in a parking garage in München.
Parking place for women

It says: parking place for women.
I'm sure they meant something nice by it...but well..write up the first things that come to your mind and have a laugh ;)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

40K ^3

So in short: Played 3 battles yesterday. Death Guard, Imperial Guard and a 4way against DG, IG and Marines (see Erwin's blog).

Death Guard
He had:
Defiler with battlecannon, Hflamer, twin autocannons.
Pred Annihilator with a front armour of 14.
1 Captain with some uberstuff including furious charge
2 sqs of marines (7 each)..incl. 2 flamers in one sq..and 2 plasmaguns in the other IIRC
And 7 daemons on the summonlist.

I had:
9 stealers
16 hormagaunts
2 Raveners
2x 3 tooled up leaping warriors

My Flying tyrant was a big target from the beginning. Got shot down to 2 wounds. The ubercaptain of Nurgle decided to finish the job..with I6..but failed and died (yeehaw for Implant attack). Forgot to move my tyrant the next turn (WTF!!!) it died.
On the other line: Everything that survived ran into the Chaos line (2sqs marines and later the deamons). Lictor showed up. Everything got mashed. Hormagaunts did very well. Thrope blasted the Defiler (yay). Ravener and Stealers mashed up the weapons on the it was useless. WON :D

2 Big shooty tanks
1 Chimera with kserkin
3 autocannon bases..and lots of minor guard stuff with lightbulbs (lassguns).

me: same list.

Thrope blasted the Chimera. Lots of stuff hit his ranks. My Flyrant got shot at..but kept surviving (yay for the 6+ inv save!!) He finished one of the tanks eventually with help of 2 Raveners. The other tank got blown up eventually by the thrope. The troops weren't a real challenge and got mashed by gaunts and couple of stealers that remained. I lost all warriors IIRC. But it was a good game. Although the troop section of the IG weren't with enough bodies so they just got slaughtered.

4 way:
Same list.
against DG, IG and Marines (see Erwin's blog for the list).
Thrope blew away some marines (DG and loyal).
Flyrant ate some marines and killed a dread and acted as a firing range..but kept saving his 6+s. And flew out of range of a the DG predator annihilator just to keep looking pretty. I killed some deamons and 1 or 2 DG marines. But his captain came bashing in and killed my thrope and some wounded warriors. hormagaunts killed loyal marines got hit bad by 2 speeders..but the remaining 5 managed to severely damaga some IG sq. In the end: good game. It was quite obvious that I wouldn't score very well in the game. Had to go Erwin's way because otherwise the DG guy would have completely ignored IG and Loyal marines to shoot everything at me in a very open space. What headed his way got shot up. DG won because he kept hiding untill the smoke cleared and could walk on the objective with almost no one challenging. My tyrant would have been shot up by the Pred if it got near the objective. Can't bet on 3 lasscannons (incl one twin linked) to fail..or my 6+ to save the day twice.

Hindsight: thrope was rocking!!! Hormagaunts did well even against T5 DG. IG troops are like swim right through.

Sorry...long post ;)