Sunday, April 17, 2005


Just did a combat patrol against Marines (from Erwin of course).
3 leaping warriors, 15 hormagaunts + hive node, 7 genestealers
9 marines (incl plasmagun, rocketlauncher) and 7 assaultmarines (incl powerweapon and Fcharge).

Not going to make a battlerep about it but: I won with 6 stealers remaining.
Special thing: 1 of my hormagaunts had to roll for his LD (which was taken down to 1 or 2) and he rolled double 1. It was a brave gaunt.
Rending claws did their work.

Painting: I painted some bases (edges black). I added a nice stone to the base of a leaping warrior and glued the leaping warrior on it. I also painted the last rending claws, which only need inking, and 2 layers of highlights. For the biomorphs I have decided to wait untill I see the codex.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


So I've finally pinned and glued my Flying Tyrant. It looks stunning. It's the biggest model I've got, it's enormous compared to a marine, it dwarfs almost all of my other models.
So why make such a fuss with the title....

I've had to use bubble plastic to raise one glas shelf a bit so it would fit.

I didn't want to admit it at first, but Erwin is probably right, in the long run only the coolest models will be shown in our cabinet. So I think a lot of my gaunts will be put in some kind of box so that the rest can be shown in our cabinet.
All my TMC's (tyranid monstrous creatures) will still be there, most of my medium beasties too.
But Only the best gaunts, that will safe me some space for when I finish the 4th ed Carnifex (haven't seen the model yet, except for a sillhouette which shows it's BIG!!!)

I hope I won't need to put too many biomorphs on it to get it back to normal stats, but I'll wait till I get the 4th ed biomorphs (big ones for TMC's). I'll have to explain to Erwin why all of his models are standing randomly next to eachother. One simple reason: I'm to LAZY!!! to put them back in the positions where they were.

Hope to get hold of a good digicam in the next coming days. Argh, the pain of not having one myself.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Have fear, my pin & vice set is here! {and oh yeah my sculpting tool too}

The title says it all. Now I can finally finish my flying tyrant.
Rumour has it that it's getting I6 (after upgrade!!!). So say bye bye to a lot of IC's there!
Warpfield is gonna cost a bit more though. But I will try to finish my Tyrant this weekend!
Pic's will be up soon I hope!
Oh and I got my sculpting tool, maybe I can sculpt my leaping warriors a bit better now.

That was all for now.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

test to see if Blogspot is going wacko it or is it not.

To flip or not to flip

Monday, April 04, 2005


It was a good day, 3rd of April. Organized the 40K tournament and had a busy time doing crisis management.
It all worked out with a total of 18 players (last year there were only 10).
There seemed to be more nurgle armies than standard marines :P
I only battled for fun (hey..I was organizing) after the preliminary rounds when some people had no games left to play. So it was nids against nids. The guy just threw 3 hits (in 3 turns) on his biovore frag mine. THAT HURTS! Although I managed to destroy his warriors with my own warriors and route his gaunts entirely...his Raveners finished me (3).
I also let a friend of mine have a go with my nids against a Tau army. I just told him what he could do and then let him take decisions where he wanted to go and what he wanted to assault.
He wiped out almost all of the Tau (1 warrior against 8 firewarriors...the firewarriors decided to act like cowards and run for it ..but got slaughtered). The only thing left was a darn devilfish that couldn't care less about bugs trying to jump up except one 'stunned' effect for one turn. In return it killed everything that could potentially take him down.

After the tournament...I gave prices to the winners (1 Nurgle, 2 Ksons). I decided to help out on cleaning the building up and go out to dinner with the organizing people. The tournament was done at about 5pm o clock and we started cleaning up at 5.30pm and went on till 8!!! Finally arriving at the restaurant at 8.45 pm. We could finally sit down for spareribs and other mexican food.

All in all : A great day, but I was tired as hell.