Friday, December 30, 2011

Youtube saturday 31st december 2011

Metallica - Hell and back
Trusted rough Metallica sound, if you don't agree..well then don't.

Amatorski - 22 februar
Starts of really slow so hold on for the first 30secs. Relax.

Year of the goat - Of darkness
Melodic metal.

Calvin Russel - Halloween
Not new (2009), but I only came across it on Oi va voi's myspace today and it's awesome. (I thought myspace was dead too..)

Now if you're done, go check out some Oi va voi on..their myspace (or facebook)
I know Oi va voi's music for a bit longer and I've seen them live twice, don't miss the chance to do so too, when you can!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Youtube saturday 24th of december 2011

Lana del Ray - Born to die
About a relationship that's born to die. Quite a special video.

Foster the people - Don't stop (color on the walls)
Just bizar.

Bnj - Talking to myself
Don't mind the accent, just listen.

Other lives - Tamer animals
Easy indie music - really cool video

Woods of Ypres - Kish my ashes (goodbye part II)
Love the slow dark bass guitar

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Youtube saturday 11 December 2011

A day it's actually sunday the 11th.

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu - つけまつける
22 tracks had this to say about it: "Japanese singer Kyari Pamyu Pamyu is the queen of harajuku, apparently, which means she has the most demented sense of style. Her new song "つけまつける" is all about the joys of fake eyelashes, of which she has her own brand. I wouldn't be surprised if she starts selling salty snacks too. I'll take a packet, thanks."

I'll just stick to wtf!!!

Sepalcure - See me feel me

Martin Solveig and Dragonette ft. Idoling - Big In Japan
That tune has been overused a bit, but the video is fun.

A bit of a lousy week as far as music goes. Couldn't find this on youtube so if you're falling asleep, check Slaves on dope - All I want for christmas is my two front teeth Christmas metal..


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Zoanthrope + Broodlords 2011

You'd almost forget this blog is originally a warhammer 40K blog. I've painted some genestealers in the last couple of months but since they're not too much of a new thing I didn't take photo's.

But now I've taken the time to upload some photo's of models I'm currently working on.
Clicking on the thumbnails will enlarge the photo's (new page).
The 'new' finecast Zoanthrope. Cleaning it is hell..but necessary...
Zoanthrope finecast basecoat, Basecoat finecast Zoanthrope

This is what a conversation between Brood lords could look like:
Broodlord listen

Broodlord nooo

"Ah ok...."
"[The Fonz voice] Eeeey"
Broodlord Fonz 1

"[The Fonz voice] Eeeey"
Broodlord Fonz 2

Erm..what are they doing...Brooding?
Broodlords wtf

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