Thursday, September 29, 2005

It’s a cruel world…

where some people are allowed to work with internet and digital photo’s while they don’t have a FUCKING clue what they are doing. I’m ‘chairman’ of a website committee and as such I try to maintain a website. This means that whenever there is news, I put it online but also when pictures have been made, I also put them online. But …and there is where the problem is….some people don’t know shit about dealing with digital photo’s. And I really mean ‘SHIT’. For instance: I put the photo’s online in a format of 800*600 because otherwise they would take to much webspace. But some people …did I mention they don’t know shit about some things…? try to give me the pictures in a format of 2300*1700!!!!! That’s about 1,3mb’s per photo. And if that isn’t stupid enough…they send them picture by picture by mail. And when I try to download them via hotmail…I can only save them as BMP files. This causes a large bite out of my time to : download each and every picture, save them in bmp…save them in jpg, change the format to a normal size and make thumbnails. Oh …and politely yell at whoever sent them this way. I so try to be nice. This person asked me how to send it…and I said: do it over msn…in a zipfile, this way I get all the pictures at once and I’ll forget about the enormous size of these fuckers and resize them in silence. They could also lend me a usb stick with the pictures on it. But nooo this seems just to darn hard.
Argh…the frustration about a cruel world. Some people should simply be forbidden to do anything on the internet before they properly know the basics.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's FUCKING 7.30 AM! stop drilling!!!

Ok so the owner of the snackbar decided that he should make it bigger. They started yester. And this morning they started at 7.30 AM! My wake-up clock (to lazy to search for the word) didn't even managed to make enough sound to be heard above the drilling. I'm on the second floor and every glass on the shelf is shaking.
Suffice to say: I HATE these construction workers atm.

Next to that my sensei decided that he should make an alternate parcours for the training. And that we should do 10 rounds. Ok normally that wouldn't be such a problem...but we had to swing 12 ropes..and do some other nasty stuff. So from one side to another, step on a'bench' and grab the next rope and swing to the other side. Every time you drop...10 push ups. The first round I managed not to drop even once. 2nd round ...2 times. And it got worse from there on. It looked very funny...everyone constantly doing pushups...and moaning about how their hands were busted from the ropes.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Took a damn while

My Lictor (haven't made a proper base yet)


Lictor 2

And the Broodlord



Larger pictures can be found on :
The folders should speak for themselves.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

even smaller update...

ok so research practicum (if that's the right translation for onderzoeks practicum) sucks enormous whale balls (if they have any). Keeps me from painting, modelling and a social life in the weekend.

I did however managed to drill some holes in the Brood Lord so it can be assembled if I find the time for it. It will need some GStuffing though. I hope I can find the time to paint it somewhere in the next couple of weeks.
BfG site isn't going anywhere atm.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Quick update

I know!!! it is white and it looks like crap for the biggest part. But it is online and it is a beginning of what is to come. I can now update the site now and then when I find the time. I still have to think about the colors and maybe a background picture.
A lot of things are just waiting on the shelf to be put online when I got a decent mark-up for the site.

Next to that: I hope I will have some time to paint something next week.
And oh..I'm getting darn busy with my study. Random rant: Communication scientists can't's a fact atm.