Saturday, April 17, 2010

Youtube 'saturday': Department of eagles - no one does it like you

I came across this one on a friends Hyve, didn't know it. It sounds ánd looks cool.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Youtube 'saturday': Mr Mister - Broken wings

I know it's sunday evening..but it's still weekend :P
My housemate was talking about Train's song 'Hey soul sister' and the mentioning of mr mister and then this song came to mind. A classic.

Via this we came upon the intro to Valiant, also very cool. I saw you can buy the entire 65 episode series for only 25$ on Amazon (on dvd)..might be tempted to buy that. For now:

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Hadrian's Box

In July of this year I will be walking the 84 mile long Hadrian’s Wall footpath. I am doing this in aid of The Joseph Salmon Trust, a charity that provides financial support to parents who have lost a child. This might be help with things like funeral costs for those struggling to afford them, or to allow the self employed to take time off in order to grieve.*

I've known since July, when Dan from All that comes with it asked around for fellowwalkers, that I wánted to join and I've known that I'd be really góing on this walk since early August 2009. Since then I slipped it in almost every casual conversation that I've had with someone who didn't know yet.

"But..are you walking alone? Or with friends? How did you come up with this idea? I didn't know you were such a walker."

These are just some of the first reactions. And then I'd have to explain that I have a blaaawg and that I've met some pretty interesting people in the blogging community (I can't even remember how I've stumbled across Dan's blog). And that, no, I haven't actually met any of these people yet and that I'm sure I'll survive..somehow.

My brother and sister didn't have that same trust in my survival skills and so they decided to put together a survival box as a present for my birthday last February. I've since named it the Hadrian's box:

Hadrians walk

What's in it? Why is it taped up and why the **** is there a chain wrapped around it!
Well..they decided that the stuff that's in the box really should only be used untill I'm in England. Till now they've put in a pocketknife, ducttape and a small spices set. They promised me that he'll fill it up with more 'usefull' stuff before I leave. To make súre I don't open it beforehand my brother has the key and won't open it untill early July or just to add more stuff.

So that's the story about the Hadrian's box. My brother will be joining me in Nottingham for a nerd-out at Warhammerworld and after that, to scare the locals in London.

I'll update with more information about the Hadrians Walk and where and how you will be able to sponsor me for it. For now you can read more on the Hadrians walk and my fellow walkers on

*Stole this text from Dan.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Youtube Saturday: Beirut - Scenic world

This is nót the official (if there is any) video, but I liked it. I've known this song for quite some time but today I ran into Beirut's cd Gulag Orkestar which features this song. Running into it meant I bought it :)