Sunday, August 22, 2010

Youtube 'saturday': Ou est le swimming pool - Dance the way I feel

Saturday morning the news broke that the singer of Ou est le swimming pool committed suicide. I only knew this song but seeing their performance on Pukkelpop (Belgium) (before the tragic stagedive one of the bandmembers took which injured a girl in the crowd) it pains me that it will never be performed like this again. It has a typical festival sound and makes me regret not getting tickets for any festival this summer.

*the stagedive probably had nothing to do with the suicide btw.
I could've posted the vid of the performance on Pukkelpop, but I purposefully didn't because I'm posting it here because of the music first.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working on a scaffolding

Last week my life was mainly about a couple of things: paid work in Groningen, driving the car to Veendam (40 min drive) and working on the scaffolding and getting some sleep.

Steiger 08-2010

We replaced the planks just under the rooftiles. They weren't screwed on, but stuck with nails. Which meant we had to hammer them out with chisels, running up and down the scaffolding, moving it from time to time. We're not überDIY experts, but we got the job done with hard work.

The week looked as follows:
Mondaymorning the job in Groningen, the afternoon and evening on the scaffolding in Veendam till 9pm'ish.
Tuesday: early in the morning till late afternoon on the scaffolding, racing back to work in Groningen in the evening till 10pm'ish
Wednesdaymorning: work in Groningen, afternoon & evening: scaffolding till 9.30pm
Thursdaymorning 7am till almost noon on the scaffold, racing to Groningen to work from 1-10pm.
Fridaymorning: zzzzzz and 1-10pm: work

btw, for the keen eye: wearing the buff :)

Upcoming post(s): Hadrians Walk (I've already uploaded the majority of the photo's, and the folder has gotten tons of hits!), Trygon photo's (warhammer 40K) and a good plug for