Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Calling slut

a what...a calling slut.

I'm the secretary of a study society (student society..but then so-called study-related). To get money from the university so we can organise who-knows-what kind of activities, we have to have our memberslist in order. That means names, adresses, studentnrs etc.
When most of the people sign up for membership they don't know their studentnrs yet and half of the time during some time they get a new phonenr, move from house to house etc.

All in all this means that I either miss info or info is incorrect. So this is what I had to do: call every member where info was either missing or probably incorrect.
I've been on the phone for almost 2,5 hours straight calling calling calling. Talking to parents, getting 'out of order tunes', voicemails, people who finished their studies 3 years ago etc.

I'm half-way working my ass through the darn list so I bet there's at least 2,5 hours of calling left for me to enjoy. And the people I couldn't reach..I have to e-mail.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy..what a joy. The one good thing about this..I don't have to pay for the calls :)


Arjan the calling slut

Monday, January 08, 2007

Food from across the globe

After deciding to send peppernuts across the globe Debbie send me this:



These had indeed a unique taste to them! I liked them very much!

nut bars and some pretzel thingies
Haven't tasted the pretzel thingies cause I didn't know if they needed to be fried. But now I know that they don't need to be fried I'll try them soon :)

the bars on a plate
These bars looked like grainbars but I think they are made with peanuts and they were very very nice!

fungiefied :(

Alas this thing didn't make it in time. The green stuff looked too much like fungus and the smell coming from it made me decide to throw it away hehe.
I'll see if I can get my hands on this stuff somewhere in a store overhere.

I hope my package won't be crumbled too much when it arrives ;)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Goblin,chaosthing, gaunt, BL, ripperflail?

Yes a ripperflail. That is when a spacemarine grabs a ripper and uses it as a flail...

Ripper flail 1

Ripper flail 2

A goblin:
I got this one together with the 'anonymous model' and don't know what game it belongs to..

Chaos thingie:
Chaos dingie
I don't know if I posted this one before...but I made a pic today.

I hacked and slashed this gaunt a bit and tried to make it look a bit more agressive than the standard gaunt.

I know there are a lot of pics...but it's better than making 5 separate posts..

BL on base 1

BL on base 2

BL on base 3

BL on base 4

Bl base

The broodlord needs carapace and a varnish coat..but it was up for a mugshot :)