Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apocalyptic fail!

I think I'll be able to make a picture & story update about 2 apocalypse (3500pts) battles next tuesday.

But in short: 1st game: stupid dice rolls, choose the wrong asset..but had only a minor loss (got 2 vs my opponent 3 objectives) and 1 objective was álmost mine, but the brood was just below half strength.
2nd game: major apocalyptic failure with the dice. My tyrants only waived at the enemy instead of slicing and dicing and the 5! zoanthropes were so upset by the warprift (for daemon summoning) that even their non-psychic test warpblast failed to hit most of the time. Anyways..I'll continue next week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunset taken from the Saffierflat 13-04-2008

I used to take lots and lots of these pics with my Samsung E900, but since I got the EOS I take better ones I think.
The only problem is I don't got a réal balcony so I got to lean out of the window ór shoot through my window. And since it really needs a cleaning, you will notice a bunch of spots in at least one pic.

Next time I'll either climb out my window or hope the housemate with the balcony is home. Or keep on leaning.







Friday, April 11, 2008


So next to being a communications student, I do some Linguïstics on the side. And we had a college where we were allowed to cut pigbrains in pieces to see if we could recognize the different parts of the brain.

The entire brain seen from the bottom IIRC (small brains, brainstem and both sides):

This almost didn't resemble brain anymore:

I was hungry...whaaaaaaaaaaaat? (one of the last photo's where I still have my beard..it's gone now).

Nice detail shot of both sides split apart (the brainstem lies on the wrong side of the brain atm)

Suffice to say I had fun. It made me think of the new Zoanthrope head with it's squirmy brains.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yahtzee gaming reviewer

This blog started off as a 40k blog, but sometimes I like to wander off to random ranting or other things I like.

If you've got the slightest sense of sarcastic humor, you've gotta watch this review of Army of two:

and other game reviews by Yahtzee over at Escapist magazine
Go now! and laugh so hard your neighbours will complain.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

All talk

I réally finished the thrope last weekend, adding some red ink and a complete varnish layer to protect the paint. Also added basing.

Upcoming projects:
8 genestealers (new ones) with carapace which will accompany the broodlord.
I didn't think that it would be over a year since I finished him and only used him three times or so.

Also on their way: more hormagaunts. I hate the de-moldlining (removing mold lines..they look awful). The normal gaunts in the box can wait.

Oh and I've got a Ravener which should be progressing fast the next time I lay a brush on it. I'll also réally need to get around to ordering magnets for the carnifex so I can finish it. It really deserves a finished paintjob.

Finally Rippers..ugh I can kill an elephant just by drowning it with them..unpainted but still.

I restrained myself from buying a lictor..and bought the more expensive box of earlier mentioned gaunts, how's that for logic.
I'll try and take some shots of the finished Thrope, maybe next fryday.