Sunday, April 23, 2006

Painting in progress..

I found some Bleached Bone again. I watered it down..but a bit too much. But I did manage to make a decent mix between BBone & Bubonic Brown. I did highlight stage 1 for my Broodlord..and I might even be happy with it.

I also worked on a marine that will be crawling from under a tank hatch. The broodlord will be standing on top of the hatch. One problem was that the marine was kinda messed up when I started on it. But I think I managed to make him look half decent.

I don't think I will be painting much the coming week. Busy with study, major housewarming etc. Next weekend we will be away to a bungalow park with the parents. But after that I'm at my parents place for a week or so and should have plenty of time to paint/play. *must...get...digicam*.

Now if only I get near a store that sells Xenology...*grumpff*

Monday, April 17, 2006

I. Cheese?

well are Nids?
Don't know. Erwin had a lot of bad luck. He DID gain 1st turn, but he remembered that we had to throw for Alpha, Gamma or Omega. He threw Omega..but I convinced him quickly to re-throw because Omega sucks. Gamma it was. I threw a 1 for Dusk & Dawn. That seriously plagued Erwin's first turn. Mine just a bit with a sore eyed venom tyrant.

Cleanse. Gaunts were able to run up fast. 1 Ravener too. Got a lot of shots at my but. Took out a thrope, a beloved ravener and in the running of the game almost all my warriors got shot away before doing anything but keep synapse for a short while.
Tyrant + guard: got shot away. Only thing this 264pt unit did was take out a speeder and keep synapse. My flying tyrant had to be forced to kill a unit by taking lots of turns to take out units, even with the help of stealers. The Stealers did a good job. The carapace weren't worth their points..but I guess they could've been worthwhile. Single thrope that was left: great synapse pole. Kept my gaunts ready to tickle marines for eternity. The spinegaunts were being shredded far too slowly by the dread. A bit of a sad tactic, but it kept the dread out of the game. Flyrant swapped up the game together with the stealers. Hormagaunts munched slower, but did their job. Game won.

Hindsight: was it cheese? I don't know. Cleanse always makes running up an almost sure T1 assault which is real nasty. Didn't get a pounding in T1 by fire. I should've deserved it..but dawn prevented it. Flyrant is far too nasty if he doesn't get stopped early on. But 209pts is freaking much in my eyes, and he was acting like a demented elder person trying to drink his cup of tea. Could've been far more nasty.
Marines tip: deployment could have been better if at least one devestator sq had been put farther back. That way I couldn't have bunny hopped as easily.
Cheese, I? Still don't know. Tau got me pretty bad last time. IG's up tomorrow..time will tell.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Adamantium beats Iron

Played another 2 games yesterday and last night (yes night). This time we played on a good 4"x4" because Albert bought a wooden playboard.

After realizing that the 2 lictors weren't doing too much damage in the 1000pts battles with not enough usefull area terrain to make a nice entrance I removed them from the list and added 3 raveners and 3 genestealers. (off course that left me with 5 raveners in total divided in 3 sqs of FA).

IW changed: tank with demolisher cannon and rhino and defiler got dumped. 3 Obliterators were added and 6 bikes and some kind of lieutenant with jumppack with fancy lightning claws and chaos stuff. There might have been some changes to the other sqs..but well I dunno.

1st game: seek & destroy. Well I sought and destroyed. My tyrant got wounded 3 times by the lieutenant but made a real killing spree and killed the HQ too. The first assault it did this killed 6!!! marines on the charge. AUCH! Some raveners got shot up, but others managed to do a lot of killing. Very very happy about these buggers. They can't take much boltering, but if they arrive..they can do a lot of damage. I was hitting CC everywhere in turn 2/3 and although my hormagaunts got whacked..I'm quite satisfied.
The tyrants implant attack is a golden choice against the character and obliterators.

2nd game: Seek & Control
Chaos dropped the basilisk because it wasn't doing much damage, constantly scattering and only killing the off genestealer (more rending where that came from).
More marines were added IIRC.
Wasn't sure how I would be able to hold on to the counters but I'd try.
Didn't move everything directly forward (a nid holding back..). Was a bit afraid for a line of bolterfire. And that's what I got. My hormy's got almost wiped in turn 1. Thankfully on the other side IW's shooting was doing less damage. A ravener got killed and a couple of stealers. In turn 2 I moved 135 pts of leaping warriors back towards a counter *what a waste of CC power*..had to do it because I was afraid the obliterators might drop in (deepstrike) and spoil my party.
A ravener sped towards a counter in the GW citadel.
The flying tyrant, 2 raveners and 3 warriors molested a full IW marine sq (figures).
I was able to consolidate my warriors into the chaos hq so it couldn't make use of its Furious charge. My tyrant consolidated a full 6"into a big sq on a hill.
2!!! hormagaunts managed to keep a 4 Hbolter havoc sq from firing a turn and even killed a marine!! Off course they (hormy's) got wiped afterwards.
The obliterators were to busy sipping on beers at the sideline to deepstrike in and Albert wasn't to happy. When his bikers shot and assaulted my stealers to pieces, it was a bit of a relief (well..I wasn't to happy because they didn't do too much this game).
I assaulted the bikers with a couple of raveners which slaughtered them (rending wowness). My flying tyrant got slammed in the eye with a bolter somewhere which took 1 wound but it wasn't slowed down by the sq it consolidated in..after killing them it took out the havoc sq.
Well it was turn 6, so no obliterators. I kept 4 out of 5 counters and there was no enemy left to claim stuff.

Hindsight: the stealers got slaughtered..but well it happens. The raveners are mighty fine. My tyrant proofed to be an awesome killing machine yet again.
Lesson learned by the IW player: don't deepstrike 3 obliterators. If he would have fielded them from turn 1 he might have been able to shoot up my tyrant real bad which would have made things a lot more difficult. Although it would still leave me with the raveners, warriors and stealers to do damage..but I don't know how I will fare then. Obliterators are nasty.

In other news: Krikke (GW stockist) has been building a gaming cave!!! 2 large gaming tables at the ready. We have to speak with them some more about gaming times etc. But well FINALLY we've got a neutral place to game and the guy from the store said he might place a drinkmachine there (coke/fanta the lot). I have to see the basement (that's what it is) for myself. We might be able to get hold of some cheap furniture to fill the room and make it a good gaming room!!!! Hooray!! Well...I might still wander off to WirWar (gamesstore) to buy my stuff..but I will be found more in Krikke!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Iron Eater

Nids vs Iron Warriors : 1000pts seek & destroy.
I didn't win side choice and I lost 'first turn' throw.
Sounds like a bad start.

Lists where somewhat as follows

1 sorcerer with wind of chaos and some other thingies

1 sq with 2 flamers, a powerweapon and some bolters + Rhino

1 sq with plasmagun, lasscanon and some bolters

1 sq with 4 autocannons and some bolters

1 basilisk

1 Demolisher

1 Defiler

Flying Tyrant : tox, ws, talons 2x, Impl Attack, warpfield

16 hormagaunts
8 genestealers

3 leaping warriors rending/talon tox,ws,I,ec, fleshhooks
3 leaping warriors same

2 Lictors
2 Raveners: talons & rending (and one with a deathspitter).

I only lost 1~!!! hormagaunt in first turn and my flyrant got wounded once.

I flew towards some cover and my stealers ran up to a building. Everything else moved with almost no fleet (1"stuff).

2nd turn: 1 ravener got shot up and 2 stealers.
the IW decided that a driveby wasn't enough and drove up and exited their Rhino.
--> don't know if that was too wise.
The stealers and attacked and a lictor jumped out of the window of a building and attacked. They killed quite a few guys and the sorcerer got wounded IIRC. My Lictor got powerweaponed.
Flyrant flew over the parked Rhino and attacked a basilisk which DIDN't move and it managed to only stun it ..I think it didn't even got immobilized. Sad turn for 6 2d6 auto hits :S
Some stealers got killed too.

Next turn..some gaunts got shot. Some warriors got wounded.
My remaining Ravener and the major part of the hormagaunts ran up to the autocannon sq. Slaughtering them after 2 assaultturns.
The leaping warriors and the remaining lictor lumbered over the field.

The Flyrant took 2 or 3 assaultturns destroying the defiler (it had already destroyed 2 weapons).

Next turn: remaining hormagaunts + ravener ran up to the sq with plasmagun wiping them out in 2 assaultturns.
The Flyrant destroyed the demolisher with ease.
The stealers were killed somewhere in assault but they killed their share. One sq of leaping warriors attacked a Rhino on the run and killed the combibolter guy.

Next turn: my hormagaunts save 1 got blasted away by the basilisk (which finally decided not to scatter) and the ravener was out of synapse so it got instakilled.
In revenge my tyrant tore the basilisk apart in an explosion which only burned some chesthair (so no wound).

My leaping warriors finished the sorcerer before getting killed themselves.
The remaining guy from the sorcerer/rhino sq assaulted my Tyrant for some desperate reason and got slaughtered of course.

Now for last turn there was only a Rhino left which didn't have anything to shoot with so my Tyrant and the remaining leaping warrior sq assaulted it.
My Tyrant was somewhat to enthousiastic making the Rhino explode and killing one of my own leaping warriors. Well..back to the reclaimation pool I guess ^^

Hindsight: It worked out quite well. Running up to the enemy (well what else!). I tried to flank him somewhat but he ran away (seemed logical). My Flyrant had some problems getting warmed up but destroyed every vehicle on the field the last marine.
Points well spent. And 1 MC in this 1000pts list is nice enough.

My lictors were a somewhat prizy addition weighing 160pts killing 2 marines or so. One didn't do more than just show himself in the window of a GW chapel and climb outside.

Raveners: good. Threat was assumed high because the IW player knew how fast they were. Guns: well I hit once..but he saved. Fleshhooks on the stealers could have been more usefull..although not in this game (didn't need em).

Stealers: well they did their job. But got shot up a bit too much to wipe out the sorcerer sq.

Warriors: a bit slow..but well they can't go any faster and eventually they did their work keeping synapse and killing off stuff.

Hormagaunts: together with the ravener they managed to wipe out 2 sqs. They were taking their time..but patience is a virtue I guess.

Oh and the suitcase and the box for the Flyrant kept my army safe on at least a 30min bike through town.


drunk again. 2.30 am in the morning. It's a wonder I can type the password.



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