Saturday, February 12, 2011

Youtube Saturday: grime & something different

Again, 'stolen' from 22tracks, but I liked them. Dubstep/grime isn't my normal cup of tea, but I'm warming up to it. Btw, the 'video's' are boring this time...

S-X - 9.37 AM

I think someone could easily put a rap on this (if it hasn't been done already - since it explicitly says instrumental). I always wonder how they get these kind of titles though. Probably just looked at their watch when they finished the track.

Spooky - Spartan

I know that almost everything with these lines from '300' will sound awesome and that parts of the mix aren't all thát original, but I really liked this mix.

Skream & Example - You shoot yourself in the foot again

A bit dramatic. It has a bit of a Dizzee Rascal sound to it.

And something completely different: Kaizers orchestra - Din Kjole Lukter Bensin, Mor