Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sunset in Groningen

I've made tons of sunset photo's. Especially through or hanging out of my window of my flat appartment. 1 problem: I have to make em with my Samsung E900 (2megapix) which leaves me wanting for a better digicam, which I will buy shortly!!

But for now, the sunset of 24-01-2008 around 5 pm-5.30pm:

I might get me the Canon EOS 300D so I hope the quality will improve.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Devourer Warriors

With a lack of posts, let alone 40K related you'd almost forgot I started this log as a warhammer 40 000 blog. But to remind you, I made these:

Devourer Warrior 1_1

Devourer Warrior 1_2

Devourer Warrior 1_4

Devourer Warrior 1_3

For insiders..the eyes represent enhanced senses. In the end I should have pointed them more horizontal. Oh and I somehow found they really looked like the Toons, from 'Who framed Roger Rabit'.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Food from across the globe part 2

It was that time of year ago to send stuff across the globe.
From Debbie I got the following stuff:

Haw Flakes
These tasted a bit like dried raisins but sweeter.

Prawn Rolls
Over here we are only used to small bags of chips where you put the entire chip down your pie-hole and crunch it. Next to that we aren't used to very hot (pepper etc) food. So we blazed fire when we crunched on these haha.
After calming down I ate some in smaller bites and they were very tasty.

Peanut Cakes
These got crumbled quite a bit, but the taste was still good.

Sending eachother 'strange'/unknown food across the border is a very cool blog 'meme'.