Saturday, January 08, 2011

Youtube Saturday 8-1-2011: a selection

Once again it has been a week where I heard too many great tracks to keep it down to one. A couple of songs I've heard longer ago. This week it's simply 7 tracks I found on
It goes from spacy pop to house to rock to relax music.

Creep ft Romy Madley Croft - Days : it's the weather that gets me down.

Enormous extinct dinosaurs - Household goods: (not only for the name of the band).

Tracey Thorn - Sister winter: Originally a Sufjan Stevens song (check his stuff out too!)

JJ - Still
Is Dre's Detox really coming in 1,5 month's time?@ I don't know, but the instrumental from Still Dre fits strangely.

If you like 'Pelican', you might also really like this. pure instrumental rock. If you don't know Pelican..check them out too.
Jesu - Christmas : I know it's not christmas anymore.

Wishing wars - Swim : just because it's dreamy.

Go back to the zoo - Fuck you : great Dutch band, English text, so no excuses checking them.

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

A bad tv start of 2011

I was meeting Uncle Larry at our regular meeting spot and showed me a how to get to the first episodes of Primeval season 4. Nothing out of the ordinary you'd think. But, I didn't even see 1.01 and this series has been going for over 3 years now? Well, I thought, that must be at least a decent tv series that sounds like it's about dino's etc. And if you take into account how many good series have been cancelled last year.....

45 minutes of 'meh' later told me I was wrong.
Take a look at this short summary trailer.

Now tell me with a straight face that you are eager to watch episodes full of awesome.

I watch a lot of crap, and to be honest, I like a lot of it even though half the world thinks it isn't worth clicking play, for even 5 minutes. But this was at least as bad as the Lost world series (remember this.) and the Lost world has an 'untamed beauty' in it that runs around half naked.
So, I sincerely promise myself not to watch 1.02 unless I'm really bored out of my skull.

Did I only watch crap today? No.
I started 'Breaking Bad' this week and that's quit good. And out of new years day groggyness I watched Micmacs A tire larigot (on dvd) and that's still awesome. It's in French though, but I had Dutch subtitles and I'm sure there are English ones out there.