Saturday, June 25, 2011

Youtube saturday 25-06-2011

Next to having an aweful cold and wearing a hoody covered in cathairs there's not much to report at the moment. Played a game of 40K each week. 1 full game got cut-short, but things could've gone either way. The other was against a starter just an introduction game, fun nonetheless.

Since 22 tracks has launched their Belgian expansion I expect to hear even more new cool music that I might not have listened to otherwise.

I already posted this one at FB, and there's not youtube for it (yet), but since it's worth checking out, here's the link: Wilow Amsgood ft Artik - Alors un danse (pas)
You cóuld complain that it's an easy score making a cover on this summertrack, but than you'd miss out on the grimey subwoofer coolness that is this track.

---Can anyone tell me why the hell Youtube keeps ffing around with their video size? Make up your mind! (it's 560x349 now)---

Bad meets Evil ft Slaughterhouse - Loud noise

As far as I'm concerned, this is the Eminem sound I love. No new strange voice. Aggressive, hungry. The 'Slaughterhouse!!!!!!' announcements could've been done without, but the rest of the track makes up for it.

In Solitude - The world the flesh the devil

I only knew In Solitude by name like so many metalbands. A good introduction for me.

Eddie Vedder - Without You (ukelele)

Since Dan let the world know he's a proficient Uke player (we already knew he played, just not that he was good), this had to be posted. It's fun that Vedder did this project, not overimpressed, but fun nonetheless.

Mastercab - Home

A Belgian band (they sing in English for those who are afraid they won't understand a word. A very relaxed popsong.

And finally..
Wolves like us - Deathless

Even if you're normally not into metal, dó click. Don't let the title scare you. You'll be surprised.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Youtube saturday 11-6-2011

It's been a while, but I don't want my only update in a week to be a youtube saturday.
A strange mix of tracks, I hope there's something you like.

Royce da 5 9 - Second place

Recognizable as a DJ Premier production from the first second and Royce makes it even better. I'd say if Guru wasn't gone, it would've probably been a Gangstarr track. Proof that there's still great hiphop being made.

Graveyard - Unconfortably numb

Blues rock. Most of the cd Hisingen blues might be a bit louder, but if that isn't for you, check this one. It positively sounds as it was made in the times of classic rock.

When saints go machine - Fail forever (Nicolas Jaar remix)

Available for FREE HERE At the moment it's #12 in the list, but in a week it will shift down 5 places. Just hold your mouse over the shopping cart and then click on the 'Free!' button.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Carnifex #2

Well, it's the 2nd 5th ed Carnifex. Otherwise I could argue it's the 3rd or even the 4th Carnifex I've built (including Old One Eye).
This carnifex is a pure close combat beast, which can hold its own with 5x I4 attacks with fraggrenades on the charge.
But enough with the 40K rambling. On to the photo's. *click to enlarge*

Lower body
5th ed Carnifex

It has it's own plastic pin which you would use as an extra bond next to glueing. For transport purposes, I just put the upperbody loosely on top of it which works well enough.

Upperbody and magnetized head + shoulderblades.
5th ed Carnifex

Right side
5th ed Carnifex

Left side
5th ed Carnifex

Front side
5th ed Carnifex

Charge! Just thought this portrayed the enemies view nicely.
5th ed Carnifex

A Ripper on the base used to add something ruleswise, now it just looks fun and I still have the odd 30 or so lying around.
5th ed Carnifex

The model was finished about 2 days before I came up with the idea for the base. It's standing on a 'Give the squiddies no quarter' Imperial Guard note.
5th ed Carnifex

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Claying around and objective markers

I've been fairly busy last weekend claying around and painting. Here's the result.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, the green stuff (it's litteraly called 'green stuff') is a clay that is made by combining a yellow and a blue part, kneeding them into the desired shape and it hardens after a certain time, depending on the mix of yellow & blue.

In this case I used it on the torso of a Carnifex (this is a carnifex) where I cut off it's normal spikes on the belly and glued the adrenal gland onto it and tried to make it look like it's grown into the torso.
You can also see the two magnets where I can attach different heads and shoulderpads.




In Warhammer 40K there are missions where the mission isn't just 'Destroy your opponent'. A far more important assignment is to occupy as many objectives (sometimes 2, sometimes d3+2) as possible. Untill now I used to use empty bases which is ofcourse a bit lame. A fully painted army fighting over an empty piece of plastic isn't what makes a battlereport interesting. About a week ago I remembered that there are alien plants on the Genestealer sprue and these would be simple but cool objectives. After about 3-4 hours (or so) this is the result:

Tyranid objective 1

Tyranid objective 2

Tyranid objectives

I'm quite happy with them.

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