Saturday, November 29, 2008


I've had this one (and the rest of his/her whatever..sq) for quite some time..but only started painting them a week or 2-3 back. I don't exactly know how much time I put in it, but at this rate, I've got one done every 2 weeks..which is far too slow.

But I think work will be done faster now. Oh and about the little plant on the brother's got the right paint for that I'll finish that later.

Stealer1 fullfrontal

Stealer1 front

Stealer1 right

Stealer1 left

Stealer1 back

*40K jargon*: I've equiped them with carapace just before 5th ed came out, and then they changed the way rending works..which to put it bluntly..SUCKS! I played one game (can you say proxy) with them and found that it's cheaper and better to get them talons so I was happy that I wasn't finished modelling on them by far. So people just have to see past the carapace now most of the time.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So we had the first snow of the year last weekend and here are the pics to prove it :)
Viewing from the front of the flat towards the center of Groningen:
Vanaf de gallerij

Viewing outside my window (back of the flat).
Achter de flat 2

Aaaaw look at those sheep in the snow.
Achter de flat

Friday, November 07, 2008

The many different ways to say 'comment'

I have to do a kwalitative research about social text analysis where I have to use a text from the internet. It's specified to for instance comments on blogs or threads on a forum. This gave me a soul soothing excuse to bloghop away and see what I'd find. Next to the fact that there are tons of blogs out there that nobody seems to read at all (thank you, all the people who take the little time to watch/read my blog now and then). But besides that something else struck me.

It's the name of the 'comment button'. There are a bunch of different ones. Untill now I've found the following:

Dutch Blogs(translation in brackets, n stands for any number):
- n Meningen (opinions)
- n Details & reacties (details & reactions)
- Nog geen reacties, pas één reactie, al twee reacties (no reactions, only one reaction, already two (or three etc) reactions)
- the same as the above, but then with numbers instead of writing it out
- Dit bericht heeft n reacties (this message has n reactions)
- Reageer hier! n reacties (React here! n reactions)
- comments (in English, but it's a Dutch blog!)

English (ín English, not by definition from England!)- no/(n) comment(s)
- n contributions
- n answers
- n sex gods and goddesses (yes Debbie, that's from your blog ;) )
- n thoughts
- n shout outs for the attention whore
- n rants and reactions
- comments[n]
- no comments (otherwise (n)comments)
- n comments so far: add yours

- n Kommentare (n comments)

French- n commentaires (n comments)
- n commentaires Liens vers ce message blog (n comments ... for this message blog?)

Any language
sometimes there's just no option to leave a comment.

If you find others, leave it in the comments with a link to the source! Maybe I'll use this information for something in the future, for now it's just interesting.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama won, let's hope this won't be necessary

Obama mobile
I really hope this won't be necessary.

btw..I took the VW Touareg official pope mobile and because I'm very very short on time this is all could paintshop together for now.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jurassic Park and a Ravener *edit*

EDIT 5-11-08: Michael Chrichton passed away (66 yrs old) on tuesday. He died after a short battle against cancer. RIP

Inspired by Lee I decided to take some pics of the Jurassic Park models me and my brother still have at my parents place.I couldn't find all of them as quickly as I wanted so I only took these for now. Maybe I'll dive into the old toys storage later this year (christmas holidays for sure). Because we also got the stegosaurus, dilophosaurus, the velociraptor, a small and a big pteranodon, Robert Muldoon, Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler..oh and a 2nd one of the big t-rex haha. And we should have the 'wounds' laying around somewhere.

JP Triceratops

JP small t-rex

JP Big T-rex

JP Big T-rex front

JP Big T-rex close-up

And because I've finished my Ravener and they (tyranids) are described as 'space dinosaurs' sometimes I thought it would fit in one post. I think I've become accustomed to the stumpy talons that I hated before. It looks fár more S4 (srenght blabla) than the old Ravener (it looked S5)

Ravener 4th voor

Ravener 4th voor2

Ravener 4th links2

Ravener 4th achter

Ravener 4th rechts