Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year etc etc

To do: see Erwin's bloggie comments.
Alot of the same all same all but I wanna bomb the pentagon.

Major warhammer points: moldlines, painting, building, finish painting. Trying to organize a tournament.

That's about it.
Happy New Year to all!
Oh and Chris: it's OLIEBOLLEN & APPELFLAPPEN TIME AGAIN!!! mwuahahahahhaha gotta eat 'em all!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Ok I've been busy with moldlines for a while now. I just finished my 3 warrior racks. In all honesty I can say that removing moldlines from Nid models is a hell of a lot harder than 'de-molding' marines. With nids you got all these strange curves and corners where you want the moldlines removed.

But as said..the warrior racks are done so they can be painted in the base colors/primer colors. That for the carapace & claws which I use as a primer as well as as a base color. And white for the rest because the paint sticks better to a primed model.

Now to finish removing moldlines on some gaunts..(argh) and genestealers. The metal ones have less moldlines as far as I can see. Just have to check em out again.

Maybe ..just maybe I get around to actually painting something this weekend.

Monday, December 05, 2005

FW Flying Tyrant collage *edit: CLICKY CLICKY*

So I entered my FW Flying Tyrant into the 'open entry' of the Monstrous creature competition found in the Survival of the fittest forum on Warpshadow

But you can also see it here of course. Just figuring out how to post it in the right size.

To view full size just rightclick and add the url to a new browserwindow. lazy/busy to find out how to make a clicky for this.