Saturday, September 28, 2013

Youtube saturday 28th of September 2013

Know V.A. - Slowjamz pt. 2

George Ezra - Budapest

Diane Birch - All the love you got
Great singer

Marble sounds - Photographs
Photographs and emotion

Roselien - [don't know the title...]
I like the raw sound and basic use of samples by looping.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Youtube saturday 21st of September 2013

Spotify list

Kavinsky - Endless
Just has that eerie soundtrack feeling to it.

Ministry - Punch in the face
10 minutes of...Punch in the face!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Jones - 911
Just too funny

Cro - Easy (Marlon Hoffstadt edit)

Hudson - Catapult
Great rock (not metal) song, awesome video

Menahan street band - Every day a dream
Also on spotify now!

Rizzle Kicks - Lost generation

White hills- Upon arrival
Heavy guitars without being extremely loud

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flying Tyrant (gw model)

This is thé most ambitious multiple-kit project I've worked on so far and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
All of the bits to build a Hive Tyrant (talons, lashwhip and bonesword), Swarmlord and Flying Tyrant with 2x dual devourers (each weaponarm is a dual devourer)
HQ in bits photo IMG_5609_zpsbf29014d.jpg

Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord base:
Base Swarmlord - Tyrant photo IMG_5600_zpsce962918.jpg

Hive Tyrant
Hive Tyrant photo IMG_5610_zps4e4c5294.jpg

Hive Tyrant right photo IMG_5611_zpscdd666ca.jpg

Hive Tyrant back photo IMG_5612_zps0cac4048.jpg

Hive Tyrant close photo IMG_5613_zps4fea2b46.jpg

Hive Tyrant left photo IMG_5614_zps58061714.jpg

Swarmlord photo IMG_5616_zps7cfd5b40.jpg

Swarmlord right photo IMG_5617_zps7f7d77a5.jpg

Swarmlord back photo IMG_5618_zpsc5d07a94.jpg

Flying Tyrant
Flyrant lower half photo IMG_5532_zps1e653356.jpg

2 dual devourers
2x Dual devourers photo IMG_5534_zps89497754.jpg

Flying Tyrant 2x dual devourers photo IMG_5619_zpsddfbbf36.jpg

Flying Tyrant close up photo IMG_5620_zpsa1504627.jpg

Flying Tyrant dynamic photo IMG_5621_zpsa0b9984f.jpg

Flying Tyrant back photo IMG_5622_zpsd32be0f0.jpg

Flying Tyrant back close up photo IMG_5623_zps7b098075.jpg

Flying Tyrant and friends (20 gargoyles)
Flying Tyrant and friends photo IMG_5625_zps175a5977.jpg

Flying Tyrant friends 2 photo IMG_5626_zps493a76c5.jpg

Flying Tyrant friends 2 photo IMG_5626_zps493a76c5.jpg

 photo IMG_5629_zpsf1dc7c47.jpg

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Tervigon 2

The other tervigon: Tervigon 1
I've had Tervigon 2 finished for a while, but didn't take any  pictures before. Both bases need some finishing touches (grass and whatnot).

Tervigon 2 photo IMG_5602_zps7420d64f.jpg
In this case I only magnetized the head and the talons because I'm not happy
with how the magnetized sack of #1 turned out and I decided it wouldn't matter
too much if I just switched out the arms and head when fielding two Tyrannofexes.

Close up
Tervigon 2 birthing photo IMG_5603_zpsb58a33d8.jpg

I've got a love/hate relationship with close-ups, they make you find the missed or damaged spots on your models:
 photo IMG_5605_zpsca53b68d.jpg

 photo IMG_5606_zps1be64164.jpg

Birthing some more photo IMG_5607_zps9f69f9e9.jpg
Birthing some more
Birthing even more photo IMG_5608_zps7f3cef41.jpg

Both Tervigons
 photo IMG_5632_zpscaab1050.jpg
The 'eggsack' has a different color than the one from #1 which was
caused by a thinner fleshwash. At first I thought I might want to add a
2nd thicker layer, but in the end I decided I liked how it turned out.
 photo IMG_5635_zpsc21356fc.jpg

Close up on Tervigon 1
 photo IMG_5636_zpsfa399daa.jpg

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Youtube saturday 14th of September 2013

Placebo - Too many friends
One of the strangest video's I've seen in a while.

Chelsea Wolfe - Feral love
Strange eerie music