Thursday, February 16, 2006

Livin large!

It took a damn while negotiating about how perfect I am (tssk they should've seen it from the start) but I'm going to move to a bigger room on the other side of town.

The upsides:

- from a small 10m2 to a nice 24m2
- a large kitchen with a table etc.
- a bigger shower
- a shed for my bike so it will be harder to steal or molest (not that it happened so far).
- did I already say it's over twice as big!!!

Changes that have to be made:
- I've got to change the walls of the toiletroom to a little less 100% girly toilet so I'd better start printing out some mega Adriana Lima pictures or something.

Possible downsides:
- I'm moving to a bad neighbourhood..I mean..c'mon Rico lives like 2 blocks away so it's got to be ghetto!
- a bit farther than 1min walking to the supermarket
- I'll have to bike a bit longer to get to the university etc.
- don't know how far the nearest liquor store is ^^
- I'll have to take the bus to the central station..and then another bus before I'm in Veendam again.