Monday, September 28, 2009

Dutch movies (top 10) pt 2: Blackbook

I watched Zwartboek (Blackbook) today. As said before I'm not planning on making a real ranked list but seeing this movie I do want to place it in the list.

In (very) short: the movie is about the resistance in the Netherlands (Holland..whatever Dan..) and about the Germans taking away & killing Jews. I could extend the synopsis, but you just have to believe me here that it's darn worth watching.

The movie is spoken is mainly spoken in Dutch, but when needed in German and English which is personally already a testament of quality. The version I got was subtitled when it wasn't spoken in English and it even mentioned when German was spoken (eg. (Geman) Thank you).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stuff people throw out of the window pt 3?

I'm not sure if it's part 3, but it doesn't matter really, it could just as well be part 25 to me.

As some might know, I live in a flat filled with about 80-90% students or people who just finished their studies. The rest are a strange collection of young families and elderly people. The thing with students (yeah I know I'm one too) is that some think that because they are students they can thrash stuff and throw it out of the window and leave it there to rot just because no-one cares..
I care as much as far as to the point that it irritates me when someone throws a pc out of their window at 3AM or something or chairs or whatever. It wakes me up and instead of just throwing it away with the garbage it lies there waiting for someone (the flatowners possibly) to send a clean-up crew and take it away.

What it's all about:





The guy in the lawnmower was happy to shred some stuff like the pillow and the keyboard.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blue Öyster Cult in concert!

Last saturday (5 september!) I went to a Blue Öyster Cult concert in Zoetermeer and it was really really cool! There was a band warming us up that I never heard of (666 the nightmare) they were a Dutch band which played covers of great 80s rock tracks and performed really well, so I'd say youtube them and don't be scared by the way they dress up, all part of the act.

666 the nightmare 1

666 the nightmare 2

666 the nightmare 3

Around a quarter to ten the BOC themselves entered the stage and the whole crowd got excited. The band (although in a changing group) has been going at it for 40 years! As far as their fitness goes, they shouldn't have any trouble to add at least another 10 good years. Of course they played great hits like Don't fear the reaper, Burning for you and Then came the last days of May, but they also played a lot of other tracks. There was a 50 years+ guy next to me who completely broke the stereotype that you would've given him on the street (he looked like a major executive) and he just went completely crazy shouting and whistling. That was just awesome.

Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma:
Blue Oyster Cult - Eric and Buck

Richie Castellano and the bassguitarist from Queen as a subsitute for the BOC bassplayer Rudy.
Blue Oyster Cult - Richie Castellano and Queen gitarist

Eric Bloom telling us something important
Blue Oyster Cult - Eric Bloom

He made these concentrated faces constantly, he would throw up his stick fetch it and just continue drumming like nothing happened, awesome.
Blue Oyster Cult - Jules Radino

The band:
Blue Oyster Cult on stage 05092009

Minor improvement points for the Merchandise stand: they only had 2 different t-shirts on sale and they didn't sell any cd's...would've been a smart move because the shirts sold like crazy (got one myself too).

Other small downside..I had to drive back home for 3,5 hours..well 3..but I took 2 breaks to prevent me falling asleep at the wheel..

The photo's above are all made by Moon in Virgo. Take a look either at my photobucket or her site (linked in name above) for all photo's. I'm still waiting for some photo's a guy would send to me, but this is what I ripped from the website of the Cultuurboerderij itself.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Tsunami vs 9-11

I came across this Brazillian commercial from WWF, which as far as I understand is no(t) longer shown on tv.

WWF already excused itself for this and said it should never have been published etc. But on the other hand..if there wasn't such a fuss about it I would have probably not seen this on a Dutch newspaper website. Maybe..after 8 years (no matter how difficult it still is) people should no longer cringe about it as hard as if it was published on 10-11. Although it still doesn't feel quit right to put it out as a commercial.