Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I´m a pyromaniac

Just to be sure, Dan, no I´m not going to light up our sleeping accommodations.

In short the story is: A package of matches fell out of my cupboard into my dishwashing water..tried to dry it on some toiletpaper but quickly saw they were useless for ordinary use. This was so much more fun.

Nr 1:

Nr 2:

Nr 3:

Learn some Dutch...it makes it even twice as funny hehe.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bike trouble

When you live in Groningen it's almost a bare necessity to have a bike if you're not living in walking distance (say 5 minutes) of the city center. I live a good 10 minutes cycling from the city center so when my bike breaks down it sucks big time.

Of course, there is a bus but I don't have a students public transport pass (free travel) anymore so I have to pay, and next to that the last bus rides at 1am, and since the pubs have no specified closing time I don't like to be forced to stick to bustimes or get a damn expensive cab ride home.
Last monday I got my rear tire fixed and enjoyed riding around again up to thursday night when I drove over a beerbottle which tore ..yes..my rear tire.

To keep it fairly short, I parked my tire-slit bike in the city, borrowed a bike from a friend to get back home at 3am. Picked up the tire slit bike the next day and brought it to a local repairshop (will be fixed on monday afternoon), borrowed a folding bike from the office where I work as a cleaner and brought the first borrowed bike back and got home on the 2nd one. Being 1,9m tall makes riding the folding bike feel like driving a small tricycle, but it'll have to do, awkward and tiring as it is. Tomorrow and on monday I'm stuck driving the bus because I've got to get the folding bike back to the office on time.

I feel like a bike-juggler. How dependant are you on your own transport vehicle?